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The League of Legends patch 10.15 notes are finally in. Among a load of balance changes, the biggest news is the launch of the 149th champion in the game Lillia. The dream-inspired and Fawn-like jungler will launch on the Public Beta Environment, or PBE, as soon as the patch drops on July 22.

Along with the new champion, the update will allow players to get to grips with the now unrestricted Ranked Flex queue. Previously, parties of four were not allowed and you couldn’t play with anyone two divisions above or below your rank. After the success of the Clash mode over the past year, Riot has now made Ranked Flex parties open to friends of any rank.

There are also quite a few balance changes in LoL patch 10.15 as well.  These include some tweaks to Aphelios and Swain. Also forthcoming will be buffs to Fiddlesticks and Gragas and a slight nerf to Lee Sin.

League of Legend’s newest recruit: Lillia

Lillia is a forest-themed champion, who also uses the sleep mechanic first seen with the release of Zoe last year. She’ll be on the PBE when League patch 10.15 launches, and then onto the main server in a few weeks or less.

Her skills are:

  • Passive – Dream-Laden Bough: Simple, this one. Lillia’s abilities all do a little extra DoT (damage over time) magic burn, based on the target’s maximum health. This should be good for tank-busting and will work well with the DoT on items like Liandry’s.
  • Q – Blooming Blows: The passive part of this is a movement speed buff that stacks with auto attacks. The main ability is an AoE (area of effect) spin, in which Lilia swings a branch around her head. It does extra true damage if you hit enemies with the edge of the spin.
  • W – Watch out! Eep!: This ability is a short dash that does AoE damage on landing. The damage is increased if an enemy is hit in the center. This should combo well with the magic damage boost from her sleep-inducing ultimate.
  • E – Swirlseed: Probably Lilia’s most unique ability, the Swirlseed is a low cooldown almost-global skillshot. It will literally keep rolling until it hits terrain or an enemy, before damaging and effectively slowing anyone in the blast-zone.
  • R – Lilting Lullaby: Anyone affected by Lilia’s passive is slowed by 90% for one second and then falls asleep for 1.5 seconds. This works in a similar way to Zoe’s bubble. Use it perfectly by flashing or otherwise getting into the middle of a group of enemies, smashing everyone with your Q, and then popping ult once they’ve all got a passive stack. Sounds easy. But, as with most things in LoL, it’s often not that simple when you’re on the Rift.

LoL Patch 10.15: Other changes

A couple of junglers have been changed in this patch. Lee Sin has received a small cooldown nerf to his W, which is always a hot topic change in the community. Two seconds might not seem like a lot, but tight margins like that can make all the difference at the top level.

The jolly giant jungler Gragas is having his AP damage ratios slightly buffed as well. Fiddlesticks is also receiving a 10% buff to his healing from minions, despite already being in a relatively strong state right now.

The most in-depth changes however are for Swain. For one, his raven storm passive will no longer restore mana, which is quite a big change. Riot decided to nerf Swain’s damage, but lower his cooldowns and mana costs. The apparent intention here is to bolster his high ELO impact while minimizing his terror lower down the skill ladder.

What do you think of these changes in League of Legends patch 10.15? Will you be playing Lillia, and what do you think of her kit? Let us know in the comments below.

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