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The competitive League of Legends season has officially started, and with it comes missions and rewards for viewers. With eleven regions starting on varying dates, fans everywhere are rooting for their favorite teams to win their regions’ respective championships.

Kicking off the competitive season was the League of Legends Pro League, which began on Jan. 9. The League of Legends Champions Korea started on Jan. 13, and the next league to start will be the League of Legends Championship Series on Jan. 15. Below is the remainder of the season’s start date schedule:

  • CBLOL: Jan. 16
  • VCS: Jan. 21
  • LEC: Jan. 22
  • LJL: Jan. 23
  • TCL: Jan. 23
  • LLA: Jan. 30
  • PCS: Feb. 5
  • LCL: Feb. 13

This season, Riot Games is offering rewards for every viewer who follows the games through the official website. These Watch Missions include in-game rewards such as Blue Essence, Hextech Chests, and more.

Viewers interested in receiving these awards need to be logged into the official lolesports website. From there, they will have to watch live games or VODs from the current split to earn the following rewards:


MINDBLAST Icon: Watch 1 game from the current split.

500 Blue Essence: Watch 4 games from the current split on lolesports.com (5 games total)

Hextech Chest + Key: Watch 7 games from the current split (12 games total)

500 Blue Essence: Watch 9 games from the current split (21 games total)

This for Me? Emote: Watch 10 games from the current split (31 games total)

More rewards through fantasy league

Fans looking for extra rewards can use the Sleeper app to assemble a team of their favorite LoL Pro players. Riot Games recently teamed up with Sleeper to develop a fantasy league platform that rewards players with keys, chests, and legendary skins. Each league will allow up to ten teams, inspired by professional LCS gameplay. LoL Esports has a more detailed overview on their official blog post.

Which team are you root for, and which reward are you more excited to earn? Let us know your thoughts at the Daily Esports Forum, and be sure to stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends news and updates.