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After introducing the Preseason changes, Riot Games has revealed new League of Legends plans for 2022. According to Lead Gameplay Designer, Bryan “CatchesAxes” Salvatore, their approach to the new year consists of short and long term plans. These plans include champion adjustments to Ahri and Janna as well as item changes and a series of investigations into certain abilities, items and runes.

What to expect in League of Legends 2022

For the new season, Riot plans to continue monitoring the Chemtech Drake to assess its overall impact in games. Already, LoL Patch 12.1 will add some Scryer’s Bloom plants in locations to bolster defending team’s experience in their own jungle.

Moreover, Janna and Ahri will get mid-scope champion adjustments which will be available in-game early next year. Although the adjustments will not be as huge as the Tahm Kench reworks, players can expect something as substantial as Lucian’s recent changes.

There are also certain areas of the game that will continue to change, such as the Teleport Summoner Spell. The plan is to reduce the impact that teleports have on early games and eliminate some problematic edge cases. Riot already started to make some changes in these areas as teleport has a longer cooldown before 14 minutes and can only target towers in Patch 12.1. Furthermore, Riot is working on fighter item changes. This will enable champions moving off Sterak’s Gage to have abundant alternatives.

Additionally, there are also ongoing long term investigations into burst damage, runes and items.  The burst damage investigation is on the gameplay effects of high bursts of damage. The aim is to ensure reasonable fights and give as much room as possible for counterplay. The game developer will also continue its investigations on the healing and sustain items and rune provide to champions. At the moment, the majority of all these game plans are still in progress with no fixed release date.

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