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League of Legends Lock In tournament continues with another day of action-packed matches. Today was the first day for Immortals and the second day for the teams that faced off yesterday. Lock In day one had several one-sided matches that many thought would carry into today. However, some teams came back from the depths to finish strong. Others continued to dominate into day two with most going even in score on day two.

Evil Geniuses vs Immortals

Evil Geniuses looked strong on the first day of Lock In when they took down Cloud9 with ease. They continued their momentum into day two against Immortals who did not play on day one. Unfortunately, Immortals’ debut match did not go as planned with Evil Geniuses dominating the rift without losing a single tower. It was another speed run for EG as they took their second game in under 28 minutes with a 13,000 gold lead.

Golden Guardians vs TSM

TSM played poorly against 100 Thieves in yesterday’s match, and that trend started to continue into day two. Golden Guardians had the advantage in kills and gold for most of the match but lacked towers. It wasn’t until a misplay by Golden Guardians at the baron pit that cost them the game. TSM capitalized on the mistakes made by GGS and managed to ace them before destroying their nexus. The game lasted a little under 37 minutes with a 3,000 gold difference between the teams.

FlyQuest vs Cloud9

Cloud9 appeared to be caught off guard by Evil Geniuses’ aggressive playstyle during their game on day one. FlyQuest showed promise in their first game but were no match for Cloud9 on day two. Cloud9 looked like a completely different team on day two as they faced off against FlyQuest. Cloud9 nearly pulled off a perfect game against FlyQuest who couldn’t get one kill against C9. Despite losing a tower topside, C9 went 10/0 in kills and got all four dragons. They also beat the record for the fastest game of the tournament at just under 23 minutes.

Immortals vs Dignitas

Dignitas appeared to dominate on their first day against FlyQuest but also seemed to be a completely different team on day two. Immortals destroyed Dignitas in a 25-minute game with all four dragons and 21 kills between their players. Dignitas only managed to get one tower throughout the whole game and only five kills between three of their players.

CLG vs 100 Thieves

After going 0-2 on the first day, many figured that CLG was sure to be beaten again by 100 Thieves on day two. 100 Thieves blew TSM out of the water and appeared to work well as a team from the start. Unfortunately, CLG came into day two with a vengeance and took it out on the previous Golden Guardian members. In a back-and-forth 45-minute game, CLG managed to barely pull away with the game after acing 100 Thieves. They were only ahead by 2,000 gold but had managed to get Ocean Soul to push themselves over the edge. Despite the loss, 100T continued to look promising and appear to be a top four team.

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