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According to reports from Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault, creators of Netflix true crime parody series “American Vandal,” have created an esports mockumentary series called “Players” for Paramount Plus.

This series will focus on a League of Legends team looking to win its first championship after years of close calls and heartbreaks. In order to make it to the top, they’ll need their prodigy, a 17-year-old rookie, and their 27-year-old veteran to put aside their egos and work together.

It’s a premise familiar to many esports fans, as players get younger each year and older players’ careers are increasingly called into question. The show is also working closely with League of Legends publisher Riot Games. According to an interview with LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley, LCS teams will be lending their branding and logos to the show as well.

“Players” will not be a revival of “American Vandal,” but we can likely expect a similar tone and format. “American Vandal” was cancelled by Netflix in October of 2018, despite positive critical reception. After its cancellation, producing studio CBS Studios continued to shop the program to other interested venues. Greeley confirmed that talks with Yacenda and Perrault began two years ago and the pair have been immersing themselves in League of Legends esports ever since.

There’s no word yet on an anticipated release date for the new esports mockumentary.

"American Vandal" creators are making another mockumentary "Players"
“American Vandal” was a mockumentary that parodied true crime documentaries. | Provided by Netflix

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