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League of Legends’ newest character, Vex, has been revealed in a short gameplay trailer. The sleepy Yordle shows off her yet-to-be-detailed abilities and general vibe as a character in the video, asking its shadow to do most of the work, taking down upbeat characters that annoy her. Vex’s first LoL skin was also teased at the end of the clip.

From what has been teased so far, the champion had a part in the Sentinels of Light event, giving Viego the power of shadows while seeming to have a crush on the shirtless undead king. She is intended to go to the mid lane and is described as wanting to stop characters from dashing around her.

New LoL champion Vex’s abilities

Vex’s specific ability names or affects were not revealed in the trailer, but there was enough shown to gather some general truths about her spells. She has a fear in her kit, causing enemy champions to walk away from her for a duration, and can seemingly teleport to enemy champions and do damage with her ultimate.

Her fear may or may not be tied to specific abilities as it might come from a passive ability. The fear occurred with almost every champion she attacked in the trailer, regardless of ability animation.

Vex was initially delayed because she was too powerful according to Riot Games’ Lead Producer of Champions, Ryan “Reav3” Mireles. The crux of the balancing issues was in the champion’s shadow and how powerful it was, so players may need to prepare for balance updates around Vex’s source of power in the future.

The champion will debut on Patch 11.19. Patch 11.18 drops next week, and is coming to the Public Beta Environment on Sept. 8. Vex will make her full LoL debut on Sept. 23, along with the rest of the following patch. The champion will not be available for professional play or at the 2021 League of Legends World Championships.