League of Legends 2019 All-Star Event location revealed, will have TFT
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League of Legends 2019 All-Star Event location revealed, will have TFT

The 2019 All-Star Event location has been announced. The announcement was made on the Nexus page of League of Legends. This year’s event will be held in the Esports Arena in Las Vegas, on Dec. 5 – 7.

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Who will be attending the 2019 All-Star Event?

Unlike previous years of the All-Star Event, this year will see a major increase in talent attending. Besides this, Teamfight Tactics will also be played by the top players and influencers at the event. Of the 64 players attending, there will be approximately two pros attending from each of the major esports regions, based on community vote. Following this, there will be an additional six pro players invited as “All-Star Invitees;” these players will be chosen by Riot after the community has had their chance to vote. The voting opportunity for the community is currently expected to be starting in about one week from now.

The remaining spots will be filled by League Partners from around the world. The League Partner system mainly consists of content creators and prominent community members. With the recent popularity that Teamfight Tactics has gained since its release, some of the biggest and best Teamfight Tactics personalities will also be competing at the event. How exactly the remaining votes are divided has yet to be announced.

What will the attendees be competing in?

In this edition of the League of Legends All-Star event, players will be competing in several formats. The following are currently planned to be hosted at the 2019 All-Star event as noted in the announcement blog:

  • All-Star 1v1 Tournament
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • 5v5 Summoner’s Rift
  • Show matches
  • Ultra Rapid Fire mode (Not ARURF)
  • Tandem mode, one player on the mouse, one player on keyboard

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