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Team Liquid opened the LCS Mid-Season Showdown with a 3-1 win in the best of five series against TSM. Before the series commenced, many in the League community had already predicted a tight game between these two teams. TSM were undefeated against TL in the regular season with good team performance in both games.

However, momentum was on the side of TL and Barney “Alphari” Morris after a very strong end to the regular season. This win means TL move up in the winner’s bracket to face the winner of the 100 Thieves and Cloud9 series. For TSM, they will move on to lower brackets to take on Evil Geniuses.

How Team Liquid defeated TSM in LCS Mid-Season Showdown

TsM vs TL
Image via LoL Esports Stats

Game one of this series was a reversal of roles between the two teams. TSM usually dubbed as the late-game team and come-back kings had an incredible start to the game. They amassed a 6,000 gold lead going into the mid-game and the Seraphine, Azir, Renekton picks were destroying TL in every group fight.

However, things fell apart for TSM in the late-game. TL switched things up with a baron and dragon take that swung the game in their favor. TL then marched on to destroy TSM’s base with baron empowered minions. After getting the Ace on TSM, they closed the game out in 43 minutes.

The second game of the series was a much different story. Here, TL looked dominant and created a huge gap from start to finish. TL’s Lucas “Santorin” Larsen and Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen had an excellent game on Nidalee and Ahri. Jensen’s Ahri finished the game with seven kills and 10 assists. At 24 minutes, TL was ahead in almost every lane with an 8,000 gold lead. They closed out game two in 33 minutes with 10 towers taken and no inhibitors lost.

Team Liquid ends hope of a Reverse Sweep

With one more TL win needed, TSM was faced with a must-win game to force the series to game four. TSM’s Lawrence “Lost” Hui came up with a huge Tristana performance to keep TSM in the series. However, TSM had to play perfect League of Legends for a chance to tie the series and move for a reverse sweep.

Team Liquid came into game four with a surprise Sivir pick on Edward “Tactical” Ra. Tactical’s Sivir combined with Aplhari’s Gnar and Jensen’s Twisted fate proved to the best answer to TSM’s composition. They ended the series with a 14,000 gold lead and no towers lost in game four,

Jensen named MVP of the Series

TL’s Jensen earned the MVP title of this LCS Mid Season Showdown series. His performances on Orianna, Ahri and Twisted fate were some of his best this year. With each game in the series, his contribution to the team increased in terms of kills and assists. Jensen’s performance is also a good sign for more proactive midlane performance on this meta.

Image via LoL Esports Stats

The LCS Mid Season Showdown continues on Sunday, March 21 at 4 p.m. ET as Cloud9 face 100 Thieves for a place in the winner’s bracket.