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Riot Games has partnered with mental health organization Active Minds to support mental health awareness and education. The nonprofit company will work with Riot to promote healthy gaming to those who tune in to this weekend’s LCS games.

Their partnership

Riot has articulated how it understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle as a professional gamer. While working with Active Minds, they dive deep into the lives of professional League of Legends players and their mental health journeys. In 2019, Riot conducted a survey among North American players, asking about the most important part of their lifestyle. The results pointed to “good health and mental wellbeing.” Additionally, mental health is a top social value to professional players, and this information helps their mental health campaign. “It’s important to understand that mental wellness is a topic that impacts everyone, even the pros.”

This will be Riot’s second year partnering with Active Minds. This weekend, viewers can watch some segments of players expressing their mental health journeys during the LCS games. Riot will also air a discussion on mental health on their weekly show, The Dive.

Sharing info on staying mentally healthy

Furthermore, Active Minds will present tips and advice on its official website. Some information includes how to keep a balanced mindset in-game, how to bounce back from tilt, and more. They also shared a list of good tips for gamers in general:

  • Play a few hours.
  • Get 7 hours of sleep.
  • Target daily physical activity.
  • Aim for healthful eating.

They also encourage turning off or walking away from your computer if it is bringing too much negative energy into your life. Additionally, a great feature League of Legends players can use is the “/mute all” function to prevent other players from bullying or tilting them.

This campaign echoes the results in a recent independent survey conducted by a Reddit user. The results shared information on what kind of players get tilted and why. It helped serve as an indication of where players can improve and what they can do to improve.

Having good mental health is an important part of professional gaming as it contributes to overall team spirit and motivation. As some players play for over 5-10 hours a day, there needs to be a good support system to keep their spirits high.