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The 2022 League of Legends Championship Series summer split has officially kicked off. The best North American teams will be playing against one another throughout several weekends this summer to determine the best in the region. Each day of the season promises some great matchups, with the marquee matchups sure to excite; for example, Week 1 Day 2’s marquee matchup is the first rematch since 2022 spring finals between 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses. This rematch is guaranteed to be one to remember — for more information on both teams, read below.

Tell of the Tape

Both 100T and EG are coming off of wins on Day 1 of the opening weekend for the 2022 LCS summer split. EG had a bumpy early game against Cloud9, but were able to fend them off thanks to the help of mid-laner Joseph “Jojopyun” Pyun and his Corki as they scored a quality win to begin the season.  100T also struggled against TSM, a much weaker foe than C9, but they were able to come out on top after a 35-minute back-and-forth.

Both 100T and EG currently have the same exact rosters they had in the 2022 LCS spring split. 100T 2-0’d EG in the spring as they swept the regular-season series. However, EG got the last laugh as they won the series that mattered most, the 2022 LCS spring finals in Houston, Texas as they swept 100 3-0; giving EG a 3-2 game advantage so far in 2022 heading into this match.

Keys to victory for Evil Geniuses

For EG to win this game, they are going to need the young duo of Jojopyun and Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki to continue playing at a top level. In the opening match against C9, both players had exceptional performances. Jojopyun was absolutely clutch on Corki going 5/2/6 and picked up player of the game honors. On Ezreal, Danny put up an even more impressive stat line of 9/2/3 and completely outclassed C9’s backup bot lane.

Against 100T, the duo will be playing against stiffer competition. Without Danny and Jojopyun’s great games against C9, the team would have lost that game. They will need to play at that level to defeat 100T on Day 2.

Keys to victory for 100 Thieves

Despite getting a win against TSM, 100T did not play well. For 100T to win against EG, they cannot afford to fall behind, as EG is much more coordinated than previous foes TSM. Although Felix “Abbedagge” Braun took home player of the game honors, the real MVP in that game was their support player Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun who managed to put up a 2/0/11 statline on Nami and was a fantastic facilitator for his team throughout the game. If Huhi and his bot laner Victor “FBI” Huang can play at the level they are expected to, they can give the EG bot lane enough pushback to stop Danny from being able to take over the game.

In both of 100T’s wins against EG in the spring split, Abbedagge made Jojopyun a non-factor. If Abbedagge can do that again, 100T can easily pick up the win.