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It’s been a long weekend for the League of Legends Championship Series and Team Liquid and Cloud9 are still at the top. Last week in our LCS horoscopes, we suggested that FlyQuest were going to “reach peak concentration and focus on Sunday.” Luckily for them, they were able to defeat Dignitas, placing them in third place of the standings. Our prediction also suggested Counter Logic Gaming were going to have an unrestful week, and that may have taken it’s toll as they played two games with zero wins.

These horoscopes account for the date and location of when each LCS team came to life. That info is then put into a transit chart on each day of the week. While certain planetary aspects bring luck and others bring hardship, these horoscopes are an overall view of the important points for the week, plus some related advice. At the same time, remember that these are just horoscopes for fun, so don’t take them as prophecy.

So what will happen this weekend? Let’s look at what this week’s LCS horoscopes suggest for our North American teams.


There’s some feelings of laziness and past issues showing up at the start of the week. It’s time to broaden your horizons. On Thursday, you’ll feel more distracted than ever. Don’t let obstacles get in the way of your success.

Team Liquid

You’re putting a lot of effort into your work now and it’s not going unnoticed. It’s a good time to be realistic with goals, especially with some possible changes coming up in the weekend.


There will be a ton of pleasant communication and discourse throughout the week, but prepare for an intense weekend. Be wary of feeling overly confident, as disappointment may hit harder. Reputation is an important theme for this week.

100 Thieves

Focus on properly communicating ideas with each other or misunderstandings will take a toll on the team this week. There are plenty of Moon oppositions mid-week, so try to steer away from negative thoughts and focus on the bigger picture.


Everyone’s energy level is at its peak at the start of this week. Keep it going! Everyone is feeling creative and positive, but try not to focus too much on small mistakes while working as stress rears its head this weekend.


There may be some internal conflicts that need to be sorted out. It’s best to confront these issues soon so the weekend can allow for clear judgement. Try to avoid misunderstandings and overreactions, as that can get in the way of success on Saturday.

Golden Guardians

Try to tune out the criticism. Concentration is a huge theme for this week. No matter how excited the team seems to be, do not rush into anything, particularly if they’re new ideas. Be sure to approach every situation with caution, especially this weekend.


You’re feeling the positivity and harmony within the team at the start of the week and you’ll be presented with plenty of opportunities to be creative and try new things. It’s the perfect time to make logical decisions. You’ll have a great performance on Sunday.

Evil Geniuses

Everyone is feeling a little too confident. This type of enthusiasm may make disappointment hit harder. There may be some unexpected obstacles. It’s a good time to analyze your future moves and strategies as plenty of research and learning is important this weekend.


Clarity and logic are the main themes for this upcoming week. Use this to your full advantage as you approach an emotion-driven week. Impressions will matter the most to you come Saturday and any tension will disappear by Sunday.

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