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It’s been an interesting weekend for the League of Legends Championship Series. Last week, we predicted Team Liquid’s performance would surprise viewers, and it did as they pushed TSM down to last place. It also seems that Cloud9 felt confident as they’re now tied with Team Liquid for first place. Lastly, Dignitas won their most recent game on Sunday as we suggested. But what’s to come for this week?

These horoscopes account for the date and location of when each LCS team came to life, and that info is then put into a transit chart on each day of the week. While certain planet aspects bring luck and others bring hardships, these horoscopes are an overall view of the important points for the week — plus some related LCS advice. At the same time, remember that these are just horoscopes for fun, so don’t take them as prophecy.

So what will happen this weekend? Let’s look at what this week’s LCS horoscopes suggest for our North American teams.


This week is going to start out with some strain among teammates. It’s time to think progressive and try new things. Try to relax and clear your minds as the weekend is showing some trouble with concentration and agreements.

Team Liquid

Everyone on the team is beaming with confidence and energy but may feel overwhelmed with work. Be careful not to overvalue or overestimate your ideas. Transit Mars will allow you to work diligently and strategize successfully on Saturday.


Everyone’s feeling creative and inspired for the start of the week. It’s a great time to huddle up and work on improvements as new opportunities will arise toward the weekend. You’ll reach peak concentration and focus on Sunday.

100 Thieves

There may be some disharmony among teammates, emphasis among work habits and comfort is important as stress may be an ongoing factor throughout the week. Your passions will help control emotions this weekend, so keep your heads up!


Get ready for an unrestful week up ahead. It’s time to be realistic on expectations and goals. Transit moon square Pluto will increase risk of arguments and misunderstandings, so be sure that everyone is on the same page for a clear-minded weekend.


Be careful as some issues surrounding technology might arise at the start of the week. Teammates may yearn for appreciation and recognition among authority figures in the organization. It’s also time to put new ideas and strategies to work on Saturday.

Golden Guardians

Everyone is feeling more receptive to each other, and it’s a great week full of harmony among teammates. This may be an exciting weekend full of stimulating matches, and this will fuel your fire for victory.


Try not to focus on stress and agitation as everyone will be on an emotional rollercoaster this week. Beware of distraction, irritability and impulsive actions as transit Mercury square Mars may bring complications on Saturday.

Evil Geniuses

Everyone is feeling a little too confident. This type of enthusiasm may make disappointment hit harder. There may be some unexpected obstacles. It’s a good time to analyze your future moves and strategies as plenty of research and learning is important this weekend.


Your reputation is important this week. Be wary of overreactions and things said on social media. Once Saturday arrives, don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. Don’t worry too much and maintain positive thinking for Sunday.

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