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With the League of Legends Championship Series spring split starting out spicy, five teams are jockeying for the No. 1 spot. Cloud9, Dignitas, FlyQuest, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves are each tied 3-1, and while no one can see the future, there is one way to guess who might have some luck this week: horoscopes.

These horoscopes account for the date and location of when each LCS team came to life, and that info is then put into a transit chart on each day of the week. While certain planet aspects bring luck and others bring hardships, these horoscopes are an overall view of what the important points for the week — plus some related advice. At the same time, remember that these are just horoscopes for fun, so don’t take them as prophecy.


You’re feeling competitive and risky as the fiery Mars enters with full-force. That will have you acting superior, confident and better than everyone else. This behavior may bring criticism from others in your league, creating misunderstandings, obstacles and constraints toward the end of the week. Stay humble and count your blessings.

Team Liquid

You may have received bad news at the start of this week, but things can always change. Communication and practice have been rocky so far, but you may finally get a break this weekend. Maintain positive thinking or you’ll find more arguments and miscommunication on Sunday.


Difficult decision making is the theme for this week. Now’s the chance for everyone to communicate long-term goals. Planet Mercury is in your favor by allowing clear connections and intentions, opening a path for success.

Golden Guardians

You’re starting out positive and passionate! You’re more determined than ever to accomplish your goals, but scheduling issues may change your attitude come Saturday. Don’t get caught up in internal conflict. Maintain peace and rationality. This weekend will be a good opportunity to establish new directions and goals for the rest of the season.

100 Thieves

Are you thinking of completely changing strategies? Now’s the time, as Saturn is pushing for successful new decisions. However, be aware those plans may take some time to flourish. Overall, this week is bringing you some positivity and confidence. Avoid any negative comments throughout the week, as Venus will bring you popularity and unexpected results during the weekend. Do I hear some wins?

Counter Logic Gaming

Relax! There’s some conflict and tension in the air, but now is the perfect time to talk about your feelings with your teammates so you can all get your head back in the game. You’re all having trouble concentrating and may also feel some insecurity at the start of the week. Try to avoid intense emotions and hasty decisions. Lucky planet Jupiter will be on your side on Sunday.


Do something different! The start of the week is prompting adventure and curiosity as you head into a new week of practice for the spring split. There will be some positive, unexpected experiences for you as you ease into new decisions. Toward the middle of the week, transitioning Moon and Jupiter are bringing forth positive-thinking and generosity. The probability of winning the lottery or an LCS match is in your favor.


You’re feeling daring and risky. You’re in for some high-stake decision making, too. Be careful and remember to think rationally, as choices come with consequences. You’ll feel extra confident at the beginning of the week, but toward the end you’ll run into some issues that will kick start serious conversation. You might run into some unwarranted criticism, but remember why you’re a part of this in the first place and things should fall into place naturally.

Evil Geniuses

This week may start out a bit negative. Teammates may feel overwhelmed with expectations or even feel some sort of burnout. Take some time to rejuvenate and get the team spirit back up. Be realistic and set goals for the end of the week, as it’ll be a rough few days up until the start of your next match. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or seek outside perspective.


Your schedule is packed with practice and events between teammates. There will be plenty of communication but also a sense of nervousness throughout the week. It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed, and everyone might be feeling a little sensitive throughout this time. There’s an increased risk of arguments, so make sure not to disrupt your way of thinking and keep your eyes on the prize. Good luck! You’re going to need it.

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