LCS horoscopes for the week of Feb. 21
LCS Weekly Horoscopes for February 21
Photo credit to Team Liquid, Edited by Carly Soba

LCS horoscopes for the week of Feb. 21

What do the stars suggest for our NA teams this week?

Last week, our LCS Horoscopes suggested that it would be a tough week for TSM, as the team struggled with a less-than-ideal environment. TSM ended up winning one game and losing another, so the obstacles they faced may have impacted their performance for their last game. At the moment, only two teams are tied and fighting for first place in the standings.

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These horoscopes account for the date and location of when each LCS team came to life, and that info is then put into a transit chart on each day of the week. While certain planet aspects bring luck and others bring hardships, these horoscopes are an overall view of the important points for the week — plus some related advice. At the same time, remember that these are just horoscopes for fun, so don’t take them as prophecy.

So what will happen this weekend? Let’s look at what this week’s LCS horoscopes suggest for our North American teams.


Concentration, confidence and positive thinking are the themes for the week. It’s the ideal time to work on your reputation. This “all or nothing” attitude can get in the way of your performance and may overwhelm your teammates. Overall, keep thinking positively as any negativity will be short-lived.

Team Liquid

Irritation and annoyance among teammates may get in the way of proper communication at the start of the week. It’s recommended that you all sit down and have a business meeting to communicate your goals. Prepare for minor changes to plans and routines, especially on Sunday where your performance will surprise many viewers.


It’s time to approach issues and plans with a logical and cool approach. Moving into the weekend, be careful not to feel too overly confident. Transit moon conjunction Mercury before the start of the weekend suggests new ideas and great communication among teammates, resulting in healthy attitudes for a successful weekend.

100 Thieves

It will be especially beneficial to be realistic and keep your feet on the ground. Throughout the week, you’ll feel excitement and will throw yourselves into things without thinking about consequences. With lucky planet Jupiter moving in on Saturday, hard work and clear communication will help the team experience a successful weekend. For Sunday, be flexible, expect nothing and keep an open mind.

Counter Logic Gaming

Now is an ideal time to focus on improving your concentration, as your routine will stay the same throughout the week. But, once the weekend arrives, there may be tension and problems arising within the team. You may experience some agitation and stress, so begin practicing healthy communication among teammates.


Some problems from the past may arise, and there may be whispers of gossip within the team. Get out of that and focus on better work habits in order to approach the weekend with an open mind. Clarity and logic is needed to be even remotely successful on Saturday. Your passion for winning will fire up your performance on Sunday.

Golden Guardians

Everyone on the team must avoid procrastination and sluggish behaviors. There will be some sensitivity among teammates that will cause a loss of focus on objectives. Nervousness and fear may take over for the weekend, but the moon’s placement suggests honest communication between teammates. This may lead to satisfactory results for Sunday, but not necessarily wins.


Your reputation will be the main focus this week. Transit moon in your tenth house suggests a big change on the professional side and public eye. You must be careful with misunderstandings. Teammates may begin to lose hope and may feel overwhelmed. A kick in energy and confidence is needed in order to succeed this weekend.

Evil Geniuses

Plenty of difficult decision-making is the theme of the week. There will be little rest as the excitement for success is pushing everyone forward. There is also a good sense of self-discipline and improved relationships within teammates.


Be careful not to be too competitive or aggressive among one another; there may be difficult conversations within the team. Now is a good time to solve your internal conflicts in order to create a positive environment for the weekend.

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