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The League Of Legends Championship Series will have a few players who’s contracts will run out this November. While there’s not as many as the European Free Agents counter part, a lot of big names appear on this list of LCS players becoming free agents in the offseason.

100 Thieves

Only one player has his contract ending for 100 Thieves this offseason, and it’s none other than top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho. The South-Korean player is still in form despite a long and succesful career in his home region and in North-America for recent year.

A lot of teams might want to sign him, especially as other potential top lane changes are coming in the LCS as we’ll see further down in this piece.


Dignitas bot laner Toàn “Neo” Trân will be a free agent this November. While this might not be the most attractive player we’re mentioning, any player free from a contract is an easy signing for professional teams. Similar can be said about their top laner; Noh “Gamsu” Yeong-jin has an impressive career in several esports behind his back.

Evil Geniuses

The situation for EG is the same as for the 100 Thieves. Their full LCS squad is secured under contract, at the exception of their top laner. World Champion Jeong “Impact” Eon-young will want to explore his options in the coming months, unless Evil Geniuses offer him a deal attractive enough for a possible re-signing.

Golden Guardians

Nobody of the roster that Golden Guardians finished the season with has currently a contract running out in 2022. However this is the case of their former starting jungler Milo “Pridestalker” Wehnes who was benched from the team during the Summer Split. Considering the Dutch nationality of the player, a return to Europe might be considered.


Similarly to a few teams, Immortals have a single player that could leave the team as he pleases during the offseason. Support Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun will be up for grabs for any team. Seems many players with South Korean origins for the LCS will be available. Unlike Impact or Ssumday, IgNar isn’t an NA resident yet. If he can get a green card during the offseason it would increase his value by a lot.

Team Liquid

Support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in will be a massive contender this offseason as his contract is expected to expire this November. CoreJJ was brought by Team Liquid to North American four years ago as he now also is a resident in the region. He would easily be an upgrade to most supports in the region or even outside the region.

While CoreJJ was going to be the only free agent for Team Liquid, the organization also terminated their bot laner’s contract. Therefore Steven “Hans Sama” Liv is already a free agent, as reported by Upcomer.


Another top laner makes the list as TSM’s Colin “Solo” Earnest contract ends this year. According to sources, it is possible that the organization offer the top laner to remain with the team.

This is also the case of jungler Mingyi “Spica” Lu who’s contract with TSM has already been terminated. While TSM are still in talks with the player, many team in the West could make him an offer. Spica will be an important player to track during the offseason.

Full list of free agents

Here’s the full list of players expected to become free agents or that are already free agents this offseason. For now, this doesn’t include anyone from Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming or Flyquest.

  • CoreJJ
  • Gamsu
  • Hans Sama
  • IgNar
  • Impact
  • Neo
  • Pridestalker
  • Solo
  • Spica
  • Ssumday

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