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The first round-robin of the 2022 League Championship Series spring split has been completed with the standings reflecting team performance. Each LCS team has played every other team in the region one time each. They’re halfway through the split and just one month out from playoffs, which will determine the North American representative for the 2022 Mid Season Invitational.

The first round-robin ended with a “super week” consisting of three days of games rather than the normal two days of games. There will be one more super week on the last week of the regular season.

LCS first round-robin standings

As many analysts and players expected, Team Liquid are in first place with a 7-2 record to close the first half of the split. They are joined in first place by Cloud9, who have stabilized, despite their internal struggles. Liquid had a 2-1 super week, allowing Cloud9 to catch up with a 3-0 week of their own.

The pair sit at two games above third place, with FlyQuest, Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves each holding a 5-4 record. Golden Guardians secured a 2-1 super week, but 100 Thieves went 1-2 and FlyQuest went 0-3. FlyQuest entered the week at first place, but were severely punished with the three-game weekend.

Three teams are tied for sixth, just one win behind their predecessors, making the playoff run really tight. Evil Geniuses, Immortals Progressive and Dignitas QNTMPAY all sit at 4-5 to keep themselves in the playoff conversation. Though Golden Guardians has won three of their last four games, Evil Geniuses have only won two of their last six and DIG have only won one of their last five.

CLG Poome
Poome got a post-game interview following the team’s second win in a row to close out the first round-robin. | Photo by Parkes Ousley/Upcomer

At the bottom of the LCS standings are two of the league’s most historic orgs. The sole team in ninth place is Counter Logic Gaming at 3-6, who won their last two games of the first round-robin. TSM sits in last at 1-8, with only a single victory against Immortals to assist them in a second round-robin run for the playoffs.

1stTeam Liquid, 7-2
Cloud9, 7-2
3rd100 Thieves, 5-4
Golden Guardians, 5-4
FlyQuest, 5-4
6thEvil Geniuses, 4-5
Immortals Progressive, 4-5
Dignitas QNTMPAY, 4-5
9thCounter Logic Gaming, 3-6
10thTSM, 1-8

LCS Trends

No LCS team has locked in a playoff slot yet, and even TSM at 1-8 isn’t eliminated quite yet. But there are definitely trends that can help contextualize some of the first round-robin standings.

The teams at the top are staying at the top, with both Cloud9 and Team Liquid having strong super weeks. With the recent green card approval for Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in, Liquid is going to just keep getting better, solidifying them and Cloud9 as the clear favorites for a bye in the LCS spring playoffs — especially considering their two-game lead over those in third place.

Cloud9 Fudge
Fudge has been very vocal about the team atmosphere following the release of their former coach, Nick “LS” De Cesare. | Photo by Parkes Ousley/Upcomer

Oddly enough, Golden Guardians are trending better than the other two teams tied with them for third, making them a strong contender for securing the playoffs. 100 Thieves have had a rough slump, but given their trophy-winning run last summer, they theoretically have the tools to bounce back and secure playoffs.

FlyQuest’s 0-3 week could be nothing other than a blip, but it’s also a potential indicator of their true strength. This could mean that they are the most likely to miss playoffs of the current top five teams in the LCS standings.

Of those riding at the edge of playoffs, Evil Geniuses have the highest upside, with proof of a strong roster from their Lock In performance, along with the history of many of their players and staff. Immortals have also been on an upswing with them and will look to overtake one of the other teams from the top six.

Dignitas’ loss streak, however, makes them trend downward, foreshadowing their likelihood of missing out on the spring split playoffs.

CLG and TSM are clearly in a rough spot, but if Schalke 04 Esports could make a miracle run, then technically, they can too. 3-6 and 1-8 is not where anyone wants to be, but anything is possible. Their biggest downside is that while TL and C9 can spend time focusing on bigger picture issues that will pay off in the future, TSM and CLG have to focus on current problems that could make them weaker by playoffs, if they can even get that far.