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From being a three-time Oceanic Pro League winner, Bryce “EGym” Paule is now the LCK’s newest Colour Caster. The LCK 2020 season is just a few weeks away, and the region is not slowing down on adding talent to its broadcast team. The change was prompted by LCK veteran caster Chris “Papasmithy” Smith moving to 100 Thieves as their new General Manager.

EGym’s journey through the League universe

EGym is no stranger to the League of Legends scene, with his story spanning as far back as 2014 when he played for Mindfreak Esports. The organization then rebranded to Avant Garde Ascension and his team qualified for the 2014 Season International Wildcard Tournament. EGym’s major success as a pro player in the OPL came when he joined Chiefs Esports.

He stayed with the team until the end of 2017 and won three OPL titles during that time. After EGym’s time at Chief Esports, he joined OPL’s official broadcast. He added a coaching role alongside his caster duties; up until April 2019, EGym coached OPL’s Gravitas. He is also known for bringing issues of the OPL region to light in the League of Legends community.

In an interview with Inven Global’s Tom Matthiesen, he narrated his experience as a player from a wildcard region and talked about playing conditions among OPL League players. EGym made his Worlds debut as a caster in 2019, with several seasoned casters stating how good he was. His play analysis and in-depth knowledge of the game also raised eyebrows. EGym joins Australian esports commentator Max “Atlus” Anderson, who also casts for the LCK.

Atlus expressed support for his new colleague on Twitter with this post:

Papasmithy also praised EGym’s natural transition from a player to a caster, and wished him the very best in his new role.

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