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Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) player and commentator Mohan “launders” Govindasamy faces rape allegations after his former partner, Melanie “Passionite,” came forward with a statement. Launders has made a name for himself as a CSGO talent. Over the years, he’s broadcast for large tournaments including BLAST Premier 2020, BLAST Pro Series, and StarLadder.

Over the last few weeks, women have been bravely stepping forward, revealing their experiences with males within gaming and esports. Notably, there’s been a deluge of sexual assault and rape allegations from the Twitch community. In light of the accusation storm, more women in the CSGO community are finding the courage to speak up.

“I feel like I’d just be ridiculed.”

On June 24, streamer Passionite posted a vague tweet expressing she felt compelled to expose her abuser after seeing other women come forward. However, she shared others may ridicule her if she tells her own story. Eight hours later, Passionite posted a TwitLonger detailing a series of horrific events between herself and her former partner, launders.

She stated launders reached out to her when she was 18 years old, and he was 26. Passionite visited him a few weeks later, and they started a consensual romantic relationship. During a visit, Passionite stated she denied launders’ sexual advances because she wasn’t feeling well. In response, she alleged that launders said, “I don’t care. I want it now.” She then described graphic details of launders allegedly raping her. In a series of replies to her TwitLonger, she also posted screenshots of text messages between her and launders, reminding him of the event.

Since her tweet, Passionite has received heartwarming messages of support. In contrast, a few have insinuated this may be another Henry “HenryG” Greer accusation situation, where the details of the allegations may be false. In any case, at the time of this article, launders hasn’t spoken publicly about Passionite’s accusations.