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Valve rolled out a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) patch on May 4 to update the kill feed icons. Mid-April brought rumors that the developer intended to release these icons soon. CSGO tech enthusiasts had noticed new icons added to the game files for a blind kill, no scope, and kill through smoke.

Previously, the icons depicted wall bangs, headshots, flash assists, nade kills, and molly deaths.  However, the new icons further differentiate the type of kill someone gets. Now players will know exactly how they died or how they killed their opponent. This means you’ll be able to tell if your teammate actually died through smoke or if they just went for a cheeky peek to the pesky sniper top mid.

CSGO new kill feed
The new icons can be seen above.

Additional CSGO map patch notes

The patch also brought some big changes to one of the recently added maps, Chlorine. Some of the notable changes include:

  • Increasing the size of the plant zone on A site.
  • Removing areas of the plant zones where the bomb would get stuck on A bombsite pillars.
  • Adjusting ambient lighting and other lighting sources.
  • Fixing a pixel boost on B bombsite.
  • Removing foliage from certain parts of the map.
  • Updating the radar image.
  • Optimizing the game for performance.
  • Improving visibility and removing wall bangs.

The developers also added a 1v1 warmup area for Wingman mode on Inferno. The community responded exceptionally well when CSGO implemented 1v1 warmup duel maps. Being able to 1v1 your opponents for a few minutes before the match is a simple and fun way to get your head in the game. The community continues to urge the devs to add a similar duel map for the competitive mode as well.

For a full breakdown of the May 4 update, check out the official CSGO developer blog for more details.

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