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New mini-games have arrived in Fortnite. Along with the “Lands Down Under” mode, there are four new mini-games to tackle. So, we sat down with Alliance Studios and Zen Creative, the developers behind the new modes, to try and find out how to win. Here are some of their insights on how to beat the four mini-games.

Lands Down Under mini-games

The Fortnite Lands Down Under mini-games can be accessed from the Visitor Centre. Head to the diorama underneath the ANZ map and click on your desired mini-game. There are four Aussie/Kiwi themed mini-games players can compete in. Each one allows players to rack up scores. The four mini-games are:

  • Sydney Surf Spectacular
  • Aussie Tradie Empire
  • Bake vs Batter
  • Kiwi Hideout

Here’s some insights on how to beat each one.

Sydney Surf Spectacular

R-leeo Maoate, Co-Founder at Zen Creative, said this mini-game was created for “the authentic Bondi Beach surfing experience.” “Players can compete with 15 other players in a race to the finish.” This is a call to the classic Australian Iron Man challenges and Surf Life Saving competitions.

It’s an arcade-like experience. Simon Bell, Co-Founder at Alliance Studios, says even things like the “race greeters” add to the Aussie surf experience. He said the aesthetics are a “typical setup of a surfing competition.”

In order to beat this game, players will need to complete the time trial. This is similar to other time trials in Fortnite, but with a twist. Unlike other time trials, you’ll be racing against other players.

Players will begin the race on the beach and will need to run to the surfboard. Jump on the surfboard and start racing. There are three laps in total and players will need to follow the markers. There are 11 markers and each lap is timed. The first player to complete all three laps wins, and there are powerups, including catching waves, to help you complete laps faster. Bell said “surfing is something that hasn’t been touched on much in Fortnite […] due to the mechanics, [but Alliance and Zen Creative] managed to get it working pretty well.”

Aussie Tradie Empire

This Fortnite mini-game was built to house one to four players. It’s a “tycoon setup” as Maoate called it. Players battle against one another to build up their house. “It’s [designed] to highlight tradies […] that are very common in Australia and New Zealand.” Tradies are Aussie slang for trades-people. Bell says the opening of the Aussie Tradie Empire “maybe just be Bunnings Warehouse.” Bunnings, as it’s called, is a common company tradies use to purchase tools and equipment in the region. Bell said Tradie Empire is particularly familiar to him as he “used to be a plasterer before [he] became a game developer.”

To begin the mini-game, players will need to talk to the Foreman. Maoate said “the idea is you’re a new tradie and you need to help build this house from the bottom up.” Four players start in their plots and there’s a site shed and a supervisor in each shed. The supervisor allocates a selection of jobs that are available on the jobs board. As jobs are completed, the house will automatically upgrade to its next stage. Players will also be paid a wage for completing a job and when you have enough money, you’ll be able to purchase the required materials from the job site.

Bake vs Batter

This is a two player game, which Maoate says is more an Overcooked-style mini-game. There’s a fish ‘n’ chip shop on one side and a bakery on the other. Player one will take the fish and chips while player two will hold the bakery. Each player has to cook and serve the required food. Players need to create the menu item displayed on the order board. To create the menu item, players will need to find the right ingredient, and chop and/or cook the required ingredient to make up the order. Finally, the correct order needs to be served to the customer waiting on the deck outside. Players will earn money based on how successful their order is and whoever gains the most in-game money is declared the winner.

Compete against another player to serve the correct food in a timely manner. Provided by Epic Games

Maoate says this game mode is very fast paced and it’s meant to feel chaotic and crazy. There are lots of iconic Aussie and Kiwi foods to make it “authentic and rustic,” as Bell explains. Maoate says as far as the mechanics are concerned, “No one has done anything like this before.”

Kiwi Hideout

While the other three Fortnite mini-games are focused on Australia, Kiwi Hideout is centered around New Zealand. Players need to help the caretaker find 10 Kiwis as fast as possible. Kiwis are a small bird, a national icon to New Zealand. It’s your job as players to find the Kiwis that went missing and fell asleep. Start this game by talking to the staff in the sanctuary. Once you’ve found all the birds, check back in with the staff to complete the mission.

There are two Kiwi sanctuaries in New Zealand and Kiwi birds are a very sensitive topic in NZ, as Maoate explains. He said they “wanted to showcase the Kiwis as best as possible, without causing any harm to them whatsoever. [The designers] wanted to make sure players are taking care of them and when handling Kiwis they’re aren’t going to do things they shouldn’t.”

The Kiwi hideouts are randomized, so players will need to look around each game. According to Maoate, there are about “50 different spots Kiwis can spawn in.”

Land Down Under mini-games

Each of the Fortnite mini-games are very different. From arcade racing, to cooking, to tycoon and searching games, each game is designed to highlight cultural icons in Australia and New Zealand. Bell and Maoate are both players themselves and said a lot of testing went into each mini-game to get the balance right.

All four mini-games are available now as part of Fortnite’s Lands Down Under Creative mode event.

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