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Fortnite is bringing Australia and New Zealand to Creative mode. The new Fortnite celebration, titled “Lands Down Under,” celebrates Aussie and Kiwi culture in a unique way. While people can’t travel around the world, Epic Games has brought the “Down Under” to fans around the globe. There’s lots of iconic places to explore, free in-game items to earn and more. We were lucky enough to chat with the team behind the Lands Down Under map for some insight. Here’s everything we know about the new mode.

The Lands Down Under

This new Fortnite mode was designed by regional game Developers. Alliance Studios and Zen Creative helped bring the map to life. They’ve been working as Fortnite Creator Developers for just about three years. The map was designed to “capture the spirit of the OCE region.”

It features many Australian and New Zealand icons. The Visitor Center is a place to welcome travelers, with lots of local fauna on display. The Visitor Center hosts iconic imagery captured from around Australia and New Zealand. Aussies and Kiwis will notice many familiar scenes including the Melbourne trams, Sydney Opera House and even Hobbiton.

Fortnite’s Visitor Centre celebrating Australia and New Zealand culture. | Provided by Epic Games

Learning about the ANZ Culture

R-leeo Maoate, Co-Founder at Zen Creative, worked on the new map. Maoate told us the team “really wanted to highlight […] the different areas [of ANZ], animals, places, and give it that Australia/New Zealand feel.” The Visitor Center does all of these things and more. Players are shown the Sacred Ibis here, more affectionately known in the region as “the bin chicken.” Maoate tells us the area is for player enjoyment, but also a learning experience.

Visitor Center and free sprays

Beyond pure exploration, players can collect coins at the Visitor Center. Coins can then be redeemed for in-game sprays. Simon Bell, Co-Founder at Alliance Studios, tells us these coins are really useful. Bell says once all the coins are collected, “a VIP center will open up that releases a spray that will go onto a player’s account permanently.” There are six special Australian themed sprays to collect, designed by Melbourne artist George Rose. These were designed two years ago and were previously available in Fortnite for a limited time. Now, players have the chance to collect them all, with one releasing each day starting today.

Collecting coins will help you unlock sprays. | Provided by Epic Games

Within the Visitor Center, there are also some dioramas where mini-games can be accessed. There are four mini-games in total, released alongside Lands Down Under in Fortnite Creative mode. Check out our guide on completing each mini-game.

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