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Rocket League is getting its next real-world car DLC with the Lamborghini Huracán STO. The Italian supercar company will also be an official partner for the final RLCSX NA Spring Regional.

The Lamborghini Huracán STO will sport a dominus hitbox and will cost $20, much to the community’s chagrin. Before the Epic Games acquisition, downloadable content — such as the McLaren battle-car and other franchised collaborations — hovered around the $3 price tag. Now, the Rocket League community must reach much deeper into their wallets in order to play with the new cars.

The RLCSX Lamborghini Open

Besides joining Rocket League as a new battle-car, Lamborghini is also set to be the official partner of the RLCSX this weekend, April 23 to 25. On top of renaming the event the RLCSX Lamborghini Open, it will also feature the first 1v1 event in the RLCS. Dubbed the Battle of the Bulls, this event will feature a series of five 1v1 matches with $5000 to the winner of each match and $1000 to the loser.

Psyonix has yet to announce who will play in the Battle of the Bulls. However, there are several high-profile 1v1 Rocket League players to choose from. Given that it takes place during the final NA Spring Regional, it’s unlikely that fans will see European or Middle Eastern players. It will, however, feature “high-profile names in the community.” Whether that means popular content creators or high level 1v1 players remains to be seen. Considering the fact that the event is swiftly approaching, fans can expect to see reveals in the coming days.

In the regular realm of 3v3, the North American RLCSX teams will take it to the arena this weekend to claim those final two top-six Championship spots. NRG, Team Envy, Rogue and SpaceStation Gaming already qualified. Nine teams still have a shot to make it. The favorites are, of course, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports and Kansas City Pioneers. They currently sit in fifth, sixth and seventh place, respectively.

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