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Ibai “Ibai” Llanos & Gerard Piqué’s League Of Legends team finally has a name; the squad will compete as KOI going forward, the organization announced on Wednesday.

Ibai is a very popular influencer with more than 6 million followers on Twitter. He is known as a Spanish caster and streamer. He partnered this year with football player Piqué to form his own esports organization. Spanish telecommunication operator Finetwork will also be partnering with the team

In 2021, KOI have acquired one of the ten spots in the SuperLiga, the Spanish European Regional League. They will compete in order to try to qualify to the European Masters. However, they are also playing a showmatch against Karmine Corp following this announcement. Karmine Corp is a team owned by Kamel “Kameto” Kebir (a French influencer) that have competed in the French European Regional League, the LFL. Karmine Corp won the European Masters both in Spring and Summer.

KOI’s League Of Legends squad is fielding top laner Enzo “SLT” Gonzalez, jungler Luis “Koldo” Pérez,  mid laner Jørgen “Hatrixx” Elgåen, bot laner Rafa “Rafitta” Ayllón Zapata, support Daniel “seaz” Binderhofer and head coach Jesús “Falco” Pérez Rubio.

All of KOI’s players are known names around the European Regional League. SLT played half a split for Vitality in the LEC last season. Koldo played for G2 Arctic and finished second in the LVP SuperLiga 2021 Summer regular season. Hatrixx reached finals of the European Masters Spring 2021 with BT Excel where they lost against Karmine Corp. Rafitta also had a good performance at the Spring European Masters of 2021 as he reached semifinals with UCAM. Seaz had two first place finishes with Berlin International Gaming in the Prime League. Lastly, Falco coached MAD Lions Madrid in 2021, he used to play support for the same organization.

KOI reached more than 200,000 followers on twitter in less than two hours, they will be looking to reproduce Karmine Corp’s success, if not surpass it, in the European Regional Leagues in 2022.

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