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Killjoy abilities explained

Killjoy: Valorant’s newest agent explained

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Social media exploded yesterday when several sources leaked Valorant’s newest agent “Killjoy’s” abilities. There have been several teasers for Killjoy’s upcoming release, including multiple easter eggs hidden around Split. You can find a cardboard cutout of them in a store on your way to the A site. The battle pass also features a teaser to Killjoy that many fans might have not noticed.

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Tier 48 in the battle pass features a card named “Vetraulich,” which roughly translates to “confidential” in German. Currently, none of the agents have German origin which further suggests that is where Killjoy comes from. Valorant further confirmed this theory when they tweeted “Wer ist sie?” which means “Who are you?” The German tweet came with various teaser images of Killjoy.

Valorant’s inaugural season Ignition: Act I is coming to an end on August 3. With the new season, we should see a new agent and a new battle pass. There is hope from fans that we might see a new map, but there has yet to be any teasers of one.

Killjoy’s basic abilities

From the various leaked videos on Killjoy’s abilities, we are assuming they go in order of casting (C, Q, E, then Ultimate). Killjoy’s first ability has been titled “Alarmbot,” which allows you to gain control of a robot that you can freely place anywhere available. Alarmbot stays visible for a few seconds before disappearing, much like Cypher’s camera. When an enemy comes into Alarmbot’s radius, it will tag the player and explode in their face. This is presumed to deal minimal damage and will alert Killjoy of their position. It is assumed that you can also move Alarmbot much like Cypher can move his abilities at the start of a round.

Killjoy’s second ability is titled “Turret,” which allows the user to place a turret around the map to defend an area. After casing the ability, the turret takes a few steps before settling into place. It’s presumed that players can shoot the turret before it’s fully settled to destroy it. When a player comes into contact with the current, it will fire at them multiple times, inflicting an unknown amount of damage. The player can also move the turret and place it into another key spot on site.

“Nanoswarm” is Killjoy’s last basic ability and takes the form of a grenade that can be thrown onto a surface. This grenade becomes invisible after the player throws it and only detonates when Killjoy activates it. This ability is somewhat like Viper’s “Poison Cloud” which also has to be activated. Upon activation, Nanoswam attacks enemies within the circle for an unknown amount of damage. Whether or not you can destroy this ability upon discovering it is also still unknown.

Killjoy’s ultimate

Killjoy’s ultimate has been titled “Lockdown” for its ability to stop the enemy from pushing a site. The ultimate takes the form of a beacon which takes several seconds to cast, unlike other agent ultimates which are instant. When placed, the beacon will start to power up, which emits a noticeable noise and waves of light. The beacon powers up for 14 seconds, which allows the enemy plenty of time to destroy it. After that warmup time, the beacon releases a wave of debuffs lasting eight seconds. This means reduced movement, mobility, and possibly a reduced rate of fire.

What do you guys think of the new agent? Let us know down in the comments. For more updates on when this Valorant agent will go live, stay tuned to Daily Esports.

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