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Keep it Simple: Basic Tips for Rocket League Players

Aside from featuring battle-cars instead of real-life athletes, Rocket League differs from your usual football game. Rocket League doesn’t have a system that assists players if they want to do a pass or score a goal. That gives the game an easy but hard-to-master mechanics that has a steep learning curve. Because of that, seeing other players complete awesome moves is always impressive.  Doing those amazing feats, yourself would be way better. Sure, it’ll take some time for you to master them, but you must start somewhere, and that would be with these tips. With them, you’ll be a much better Rocket League player. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be called a pro.

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Back to School

A lot of gamers, especially self-assured ones, love skipping tutorials. If that’s what you did in Rocket League and you’re not faring well, then you shouldn’t be surprised. Instead of being disappointed in yourself, go back and finish the two tutorials: basic and advanced. It’s not going to take much of your time. And if you think it’s embarrassing to go back to the tutorials, well, it’s more embarrassing to keep losing.

Don’t Go In

All too often, Rocket League players usually rush in on the ball, all six of them at once. It’s not how football it’s played, but that’s how Rocket Players do it, and that shouldn’t be the case.

Be a good example by not doing the same. Rather than mix in with the lot, find an open space and get ready for the moment the ball flies or bounces off by charging up your boost. Once it does, take that shot. With the perfect angle and a full boost, you might even be able to score.

Wait for the Ball

Ever noticed how there were a lot of times when you tried to chase the ball but only ended up not even touching it at all? Well, you can chalk that to the fact that the ball rolls and bounces a certain way. Having said that, if you’re not an expert that can predict where the ball will go, it would be better just to wait for it to have a particular trajectory and wait around there.

Hit Other Players

If you don’t have anything to do or you can’t do anything because your opponent’s got the ball and you can’t get it from them, hit them. Heck, you should even “destroy” them and force them to respawn, which means they’ll be out of the action and you’re not.

These simple tips may be merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to playing Rocket League right, but they’re still a big help. Besides, the tougher lessons can come later. For now, focus on the small yet meaningful things.