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Modern is a format that appreciates efficiency and power. Modern Horizons has shown us that Wizards of the Coast intends to slow the format down a bit with cards such as Force of Negation and Force of Despair. Today, the spoilers continued with the reveal of a new efficient and powerful card: Kaya’s Guile.

Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons spoilers - Kaya's Guile

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Kaya’s Guile

Reminiscent of cards such as Kolaghan’s Command or Cryptic Command, Kaya’s Guile allows the caster to choose the two modes they’ll benefit the most from at the time of casting. This is important because all of Kaya’s Guile’s modes are good in certain situations. Having a choice of the best two is, therefore, invaluable. Let’s look at how players could use this card:

  • Against Death’s Shadow, you could choose to have your opponent sacrifice their Shadow or Angler. Plus, you can make them exile their graveyard so they can’t Delve out another Angler.
  • Against Burn, you can gain 4 life and make them sacrifice one of their creatures.
  • Against Control you can exile their graveyard so their Snapcasters have no targets. At the same time, you can force them to sacrifice their attacking Collonade.
  • Against Jund, you can exile their graveyard to shrink Goyf, then make a 1/1 to block and kill an attacking Dark Confidant.
  • Against Phoenix, you can get rid of their graveyard and gain 4 life.

As you can see, Kaya’s Guile has useful abilities in almost every matchup. It definitely seems better against non-control decks, but honestly, even there it seems fine. All of this versatility is surpassed, however, by the sheer power of the Entwine ability. By paying 3 more mana, you can have all the effects on this card. Yep, all of them. While most decks probably wouldn’t reach that point, some games in Modern can go long. Esper Control has been popping up here and there, and it is completely capable of casting this for 6 mana.

Kaya’s Guile is versatile, powerful, and efficient at what it does. It seeing Modern play wouldn’t be surprising at all!

Stay Tuned!

Today has been chock full of awesome spoilers, and there will continue to be more over on our MTG news page! Modern Horizons is surprising us at every turn, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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