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With the introduction of the 9.19 patch on Sept 25, the newest champion will be released into Teamfight Tactics. Kai’Sa will join the roster as TFT’s 61st champion. This will be the second new 5-cost champion introduced into the game, following the release of Pantheon back in August.

What do we know so far about Kai’Sa?

Kai’Sa will be a 5-gold cost champion, representing a combination of the Ranger and Assassin class. Besides this, Kai’Sa will also be the 5th champion of the Void origin introduced into the game. Her ability will be similar to her ultimate ability in League of Legends, Killer Instinct. Upon reaching her the required amount of mana, Kai’Sa will jump across the map towards the furthest enemy, gaining a large shield and an increase in attack speed.

Kai'Sa Teamfight Tactics

In addition, Riot Mortdog revealed that Kai’Sa is set to have the highest base attack speed in the game. That record is currently held by Kayle at 1.10 attacks per second. As Mortdog further explains, this will make Kai’Sa the perfect user of items such as Guinsoo’s Rageblade or Stattik Shiv.

A change to the Void origin

With the introduction of the 5th Void champion in patch 9.19, the developers also plan to update how Teamfight Tactics’ Void trait works. From the next patch onwards, the Void trait will work the same as the Imperial buff. What this means is that Void will gain a (2) combination, which will give one of the Void champions in the game access to true damage. It will require the new (4) trait bonus to give all Void champions on the board access to the true damage on all attacks.

Kai’Sa and more changes are now available to try out on the League of Legends PBE. For more news surrounding Teamfght Tactics, be sure to read the latest patch breakdown.