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Kadena, Slinking Sorceror is the Sultai morph deck of Commander 2019. Morph has always been a favorite of commander players, but the support for it has been limited at best. However, this new Commander 2019 deck brings a lot to benefit the archetype. On top of that, it’s full of great reprints (which we’ll start with first). Let’s break it down!

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Vraska the Unseen is a fantastic reprint, giving the deck spot removal and incentive for your opponents to not attack her. Her ultimate ability can easily win you the game. Unfortunately, though, she doesn’t synergize well with the deck’s main game plan.


Most of these reprints are fantastic morph creatures or creatures that synergize well with morph, such as Ixidron. Some other reprinted creatures to highlight are Seedborn Muse and Sakura-Tribe Elder. Both are super powerful commander staples that pop up in decklists again and again. Seedborn Muse, in particular, has always been expensive, so it’s great value if nothing else.


Some of the best green spells are reprinted in this list of sorceries. Urban Evolution, Farseek, Cultivate, Explore, and Tempt with Discovery are all fantastic cards to include in any deck with green. Tempt with Discovery, in particular, is excellent value for the deck.


All the instant reprints are great removal and utility. A commander deck should always have some spot removal, and this deck gives you plenty.


Strionic Resonator is the best reprint of the artifacts. It lets you double all your morph triggers, which is especially sweet. Sol Ring and Thran Dynamo are also good ramp artifacts.


The enchantment reprints all help your morph creature strategy, giving you extra ways to ramp and deal damage. Overall, these are great choices for the deck.


The mana base in this deck is nothing short of fantastic. Bojuka Bog is staple graveyard hate, there’s a fantastic amount of dual lands, and you have some sweet utility lands as well. Honestly, you could easily be competitive with this mana base out of the box. It looks like we’re getting a cycle of the Battle for Zendikar dual lands as reprints, so that’d always good to see. It’s a shame they aren’t fetch lands though.

New Cards

  • 1 Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer
  • 1 Rayami, First of the Fallen
  • 1 Volrath, the Shapestealer
  • 1 Kadena’s Silencer
  • 1 Sudden Substitution
  • 1 Thought Sponge
  • 1 Gift of Doom
  • 1 Thieving Amalgam
  • 1 Apex Altisaur
  • 1 Road of Return
  • 1 Grismold, the Dreadsower
  • 1 Pendant of Prosperity
  • 1 Scroll of Fate
  • 1 Leadership Vacuum
  • 1 Mire in Misery
  • 1 Voice of Many
  • 1 Scaretiller

MTG Commander 2019 Rayami, First of the Fallen

All of these cards could warrant an article in themselves, so I’m going to just quickly gloss over some of the ones that seem the most interesting. Rayami, First of the Fallen seems tricky to build around, but it could be a nasty voltron commander to play against.

Sudden Substitution lets you swap control of any non-creature spell and a creature on the battlefield. It may be situational, but trading your 1/1 for an Expropriate seems sweet.

MTG Commander 2019 Apex Altisaur

Apex Altisaur is great support for dinosaurs and helps build on the enrage theme they’ve been developing in Ixalan.

MTG Commander 2019 Thought Sponge

Thought Sponge is basically a Notion Thief that feels a bit less mean. Seems sweet in any +1/+1 counter deck.


Overall, the Commander 2019 deck looks great! It’s packed with a ton of cool reprints and excellent new cards. Out of the box, it should be easy to play and have fun with. If you want to upgrade it, maybe consider adding some more untapped dual lands as well as another board wipe or two. Otherwise, this deck will compete well at any table. I highly recommend it for any beginner player, or even for a veteran!