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Sources say that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke is being booted from Astralis for getting into a physical altercation.

The rifler was allegedly involved in a fist fight at the ESL Pro League Season 16 in Malta, according to multiple sources. The situation was first reported by Jaxon. It seemed to be cryptically confirmed by k0nfig on Twitter a bit later, with the CSGO pro claiming he was “sorry and feeling guilty.”

“I will use this unlucky period to restitute, find myself and come back with a stronger mindset and willpower. I hate how this affects my teammates and everybody at Astralis. I feel guilty and I am sorry, but I know you will cope. And win! Good luck. My heart is with you,” the tweet read.

But k0nfig later denied that the tweet was in reference to the rumored physical altercation. He stated that Jaxon contacted him with rumors that were “mostly BS” but included them in the story despite K0nfig requesting the rumors be kept private.

“I asked them not to contact me again,” K0nfig said. “It hurts like hell, but I hope to get a green light from the doctor so I can get back soon!”

So far, the reason behind Astralis’ reported decision to drop K0nfig is not confirmed. Meanwhile, the organization is reportedly looking to bring Nicholai “dev1ce” Reedtz back onto their roster. But the community is wondering what Astralis will do now that K0nfig is reportedly leaving the team. Can Astralis still remove Asger “Farlig” Jensen to make room for dev1ce?

K0nfig was part of Astralis since October 2021. He’s one of the team’s best fraggers and had an average rating of 1.07 this year, according to HLTV. But K0nfig recently had issues with a “complicated ankle fracture,” which disrupted his participation in the upcoming RMR. K0nfig may also now be in trouble over the alleged fist fight.

Astralis will play next in the Europe RMR A starting on October 4. The organization has not commented publicly about the rumors surrounding k0nfig.

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