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Originally, the AUG was just another rifle amongst Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s multiple gun options. In Oct. 2018, however, Valve decided to update it in a way that would end up completely changing the professional CS:GO scene. Even nowadays, some important figures within the community claim the AUG is too powerful from time to time.

Such talk happened earlier today, as Optic Gaming’s Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke expressed his feelings about the gun on Twitter. Legendary Brazilian AWPer and in-game leader Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo took part in the discussion as well. These statements reminded the community that, probably, something should be done about the AUG’s current state. In order to understand why, however, we have to go all the way back to last year’s fall season.

What happened to the AUG?

k0nfig and Fallen discuss the controversial state of the AUG in CS:GO
The AUG has risen in popularity ever since Valve updated its price in October of last year. Photo via: Valve.

Before the update, the AUG was nowhere near a popular rifle. Only counter-terrorists could use it, and for them, the M4A1-S was simply a much more viable option. For some reason, however, Valve wanted to make the AUG an impactful weapon. Thus, they ended up updating it on Oct. 9. Little did they know at the time that it would end up taking over almost every professional CS:GO match.

At first sight, the changes were simple. In fact, there was only one difference between the pre- and post-update AUGs: the price. Before, it used to cost $3500, which made it $400 more expensive than its competitor, the M4A1. Then, however, it was reduced to $3150, which decreased the price gap between both weapons to a mere $50.

Suddenly, pros started practicing with the AUG, and in a few tournaments, its use within top teams increased a surprising amount. Its scope, which granted loads of kill potential if used correctly, and the ability to utilize the gun differently depending on the situation were huge pros. Now that the weapon was economically viable, therefore, players had started to consider it a better option than the M4A1.

On March 13, 2019, however, Valve tried to back down. The AUG had been deemed overpowered, and rightfully so. Over the few months since the last update, it had been nearly impossible to find any M4A1 in the hands of a CT professional player. What used to be “CZ:GO” was now the AUG kingdom, and Valve felt forced to step on the situation. The March update, thus, read the following: “Now that players have had an opportunity to learn to love the AUG, returning the weapon to its original price of $3300.”

k0nfig’s claim and the AUG’s current state

Although the weapon was now more expensive once again, for some players it was not enough. The AUG has remained an essential part of competitive CS since last October, and that did not really change with March’s update. Nowadays, the detractors of the AUG sporadically come out on social media and claim about its undue power. That is exactly what k0nfig did today:

Regardless of each person’s opinions, the AUG debate is definitely still present in the higher echelons of competitive CS:GO. Should the current version of the weapon be here to stay, it seems like some pros would definitely be disappointed. Anyway, though, it seems unlikely that Valve will make more changes to it in the near future. Until then, k0nfig will have to adapt to the metagame, as much as he certainly dislikes it.