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Seasoned Street Fighter V player Echo Fox’s Justin “JWong” Wong has taken the win at DreamHack Montreal over the weekend. A Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event, DreamHack Montreal promised an impressive lineup of international players, including Cygames Beast’s GamerBee and Liquid’s John Takeuchi, who were both eliminated in round 1 of the losers bracket.

After some dramatic wins, Justin Wong appeared to breeze through the winners brackets in both the top 16 and top 8, until the surprise reset in the Grand Final from his opponent, Ghost NucklDu. With his patient and calculated style of play, Wong made short work of opponents to take first place with Menat.

Highlights included the match-up with fellow Echo Fox teammate, Momochi, who was knocked into the losers bracket in the winners quarter final. Mousesports Problem-X then knocked Momochi out of the tournament in round 3 of the losers bracket. Problem-X went on to knock out Red Bull’s Bonchan in some close matches, despite a mid-game character change from Bonchan.

Problem-X looked set to withstand NuckleDu’s Guile with some impressive plays as M. Bison. But NuckleDu, who was knocked into the losers bracket by Justin Wong in the winners final, proved he had earned his place in the Grand Final.

NuckleDu changed it up again in the Grand Final, favoring his aggressively played Cammy against Justin Wong’s Menat. He had his work cut out for him, but NuckleDu won very convincingly 3-1 to earn a Grand Final reset. At 2-1 to Wong in the reset, NuckleDu swapped to R. Mika, and took the score to 2-2 with a command throw. Wong then pulled out a surprise of his own, going back to character select to choose Karin. The swap-out worked in his favor, with Justin Wong winning both rounds to become the DreamHack 2018 Street Fighter V champion.

Top 8 Results

1.Echo Fox | JWong
2. Ghost | NuckleDu
3. Mousesports | Problem-X
4. Red Bull | Bonchan
5. Mago
5. Qanba X Douyu | Xiaohai
7. CJ Truth
7. Echo Fox | Momochi