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The Game Awards are known more for their big game reveals than the actual awards. Last night was clearly no exception. One game announcement that came out of left field was for a Just Cause mobile game.

Just Cause: Mobile will be a free-to-play game set in the world of Rico Rodriguez that will release in 2021 for iOS and Android. It will have a campaign, along with a four-player co-op mode and competitive multiplayer.

What we know about Just Cause: Mobile

Fans of the franchise will be pleased to know that Just Cause: Mobile will include the iconic items and game mechanics that the series is known for. These include the grappling hook, the wingsuit, and the parachute. However, players will not fill the shoes of Rico, the beloved and destructive protagonist of the series. Instead, players will create a custom character to fit their own personalities. Naturally, this includes customizing individual loadouts to fit their playstyles.

With the free-to-play aspect, Just Cause: Mobile could squeeze its way into the Fortnite and PUBG Mobile market. Then again, Fortnite is barely in the mobile market now, so perhaps Just Cause: Mobile is ripe to take that missing third-person shooter spot.

But those who have played Fortnite and really any other arena shooter know that while the price of admission is free, nothing else is. Like these other free-to-play games, there will be plenty of in-game items to buy, most likely cosmetic in nature. According to Square Enix, it will keep players apprised of what will be available to purchase via the game’s social media outlets.

Avalanche Studios is normally at the development helm for the Just Cause games, and Square Enix has published these games in the past. This time, however, Square Enix is taking the reins with both developing and publishing the mobile title. The developer hasn’t given a concrete release date outside of the broad window of 2021, but we’re sure that whenever it does drop, chaos will ensure. Just, ’cause.