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Current L.A. Thieves coach and former Team Envy player, Jordan “Jkap” Kaplan, has discussed his time with Envy and his experiences with owner, Mike “Hastr0” Rufail.

The discussion follows yesterday’s blow-up on Twitter between Hastr0 and the L.A. Thieves organization. The owner called out Thieves fans and members and received some interesting responses in return. Jkap, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop and Matt “Nadeshot” Haag all chimed in.

However, Jkap has decided to explain his personal beef with Hastr0. He called him out for treating him unfairly during his time with Envy, and he also brought up other astounding claims.

Jkap calls out Hastr0

In a Twitlonger named “Storytime,” Jkap goes into full detail behind his feelings towards Hastr0. His experience with Hastro stems back as long as five years. Jkap played under Team Envy from 2016 to 2017. He even won the Call of Duty Champs in 2016 during Black Ops 3. However, according to Jkap, things weren’t all as happy as they seemed.

Jkap goes through a laundry list of details that imply Hastr0 isn’t the fair owner he claims to be. If the details are to be believed, Team Envy apparently didn’t offer contracts to any of the four players on the roster after winning COD Champs in 2016. Also, Hastr0 supposedly kept half of the COD Champs winnings from the players in order to make Envy seem more profitable to investors.

“We actually let [Hastro] keep half of our 2016 CoD Champs money for a few extra months… in return for a higher 2017 salary,” Jkap stated. “This is because he wanted the cash on the books to look better for investors at the time.”

It is specified that the players’ prize money was eventually paid out. In addition, to compensate for not signing new contracts, they were given higher salaries in 2017. Jkap also claimed that Hastr0 “guilt-trips” players into signing bad contracts within his organization.

However, Jkap claims that Hastr0 sent new contracts to the team a mere three days after Team Envy lost COD Champs in 2017 during Infinite Warfare. According to Jkap, this was only to ensure that Envy could secure buyout offers from other teams instead of letting the players walk to become free agents.

In response to this claim, Hastr0 stated that the contracts included a “right of first refusal.” He also says he failed to notify Jkap of this renewal, which could have caused the confusion.

The argument appears to have hit a standstill, with both parties not furthering the conversation as of today. Daily Esports was unable to reach all parties involved for comment before publication. This simply adds fuel to the flaming rivalry between Envy and 100 Thieves. This certainly should be something to watch throughout the CDL season.