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Riot Games revealed the latest anime-inspired skin line coming to League of Legends on Tuesday: Anima Squad, which is based on the Battle Bunny Riven skin. Anima Squad will feature Jinx, Sylas, Miss Fortune, Vayne, and Riven, with Jinx receiving her first Prestige Skin and Riven receiving a long-overdue update to her Battle Bunny skin. 

As mentioned by Riot in a livestream earlier this year, Anima Squad is a modern take on the Battle Bunny aesthetic that introduces elements of the Star Guardian line’s magical girl power fantasy with a PROJECT cybernetic feel. Battle Cat Jinx, Battle Wolf Sylas, Miss Fortune and Battle Bat Vayne are new additions to the concept, while Battle Bunny Prime Riven is a revamped version of the original skin with brand new animations and textures. You can find most of the new splash arts here.

Battle Bunny Prime Riven keeps her iconic carrot sword and receives a whole new set of sleek animations. Her W, Ki Burst, even leaves a cute hologram-style imprint of a bunny when used. The rest of the new skins are also packed with unique ability animations, recall abilities and other little touches.

Take Battle Bunny Miss Fortune’s dance animation, for example, which was created by Riot Games animator Anthony Ma. Two furry friends join her for a fully-choreographed dance, packed with stage lighting and everything.

Jinx fans are also in for a treat with Prestige Battle Cat Jinx. Not only is it the champion’s first, proper prestige skin, but it’s also one of Riot’s most detailed prestige skins yet. West Studio’s Augusto Quirino, the artist behind Prestige Battle Cat Jinx’s splash art, added plenty of details to differentiate it from the original version — from the color and style of her hair down to the different shoes she’s wearing.

Check out the Anima Squad skins for yourself once the Patch 12.6 PBE cycle goes live later today. 

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