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VALORANT has given plenty of Counter-Strike players a second chance, including Team Liquid’s Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen. But what you may not know is how difficult it was for the former CS:GO prodigy to leave CS:GO behind for Riot Games’ own tactical FPS. This week on Showstopper, we have Jamppi himself speaking Jamppi on leaving CS:GO for VALORANT and why he’s not going back.

Despite recently having his VAC ban lifted, the Finnish star confirmed on this week’s episode of Showstopper that he will not be returning to CS:GO and that VALORANT would be a long-term commitment.

The superstar OPer also took some time to chat with Yinsu Collins and Tyler “FionnOnFire ” Erzberger about VCT Masters 2, how the Judge is completely overpowered and revealed his own tier list of all of the agents’ ultimates.

You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Who is Jamppi?

Jamppi started his professional career playing CS:GO in 2017, playing for various organizations based in his native Finland. Eventually he would sign with Finnish powerhouse ENCE, with whom he’d win the BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Showdown against MAD Lions. ENCE would later bench Jamppi after concerns surfaced around a VAC banned account associated with him.

Soon after, Jamppi announced his switch to VALORANT via a twitter video he posted at the start of 2021.

Team Liquid would sign Jamppi in February of 2021. Since then, Jamppi has become one of the best Jett players in the pro VALORANT scene.

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