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Jamppi VCT Masters 2
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Jamppi: ‘We didn’t play that well as a team’

Team Liquid's Jamppi talks about the unexpected loss they suffered against Version1.
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On day two of VALORANT Masters 2: Reykjavík, Team Liquid met an unexpected loss at the hands of the North American Version1. The two teams traded blows throughout the series, even heading into overtime in the first map. As the series progressed, however, control began to slip away from Team Liquid. Especially on the third map, Haven, Version1’s post-plant tactics completely overwhelmed Team Liquid, which ultimately led to a 13-4 win. Liquid’s Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen puts his team’s loss down to individual underperformance.

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“On the last map we just stopped talking, we didn’t play that well as a team,” Jamppi said. “I think there were a lot of individual plays on the last map and I think that’s something we have to work on as a team going forward into the lower bracket. I think we’re gonna do much better. It’s the first experience as a team at a LAN event, it was probably a little bit of nerves also.”

Despite winning the first map in a close 16-14 on Split, Team Liquid could not continue that momentum into map two. On Ascent – historically their strongest map – Version1 quickly took the lead, which led to an early tactical timeout. And even though Team Liquid brought it back with an impressive 31/19 KDA by Jamppi, it was not enough to prevent an 11-13 loss.

Team Liquid was considered the number one seed by many in the community as well as here at Upcomer. But now, their tournament life will be on the line for the rest of the week. Jamppi and company cannot afford another slip-up.

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