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The League of Legends Championship Series announced a new chapter for the league on Tuesday, with Jackie Felling succeeding Chris Greeley as the new LCS commissioner.

As the previous Director of Product for Call of Duty League and Overwatch League and the global esports lead for Gears of War, Jackie Felling has 16 years of experience in the gaming and esports industry according to a press release. In an article discussing the announcement, she mentions wanting to “build a league that celebrates and supports the skill of our players and teams” and that she’s looking to go further than Champions Queue to support pro players and create quality scrim opportunities for North America League of Legends scene.

As the new head of League of Legends in North America and LCS commissioner, she mentions that she believes “in empowering our team to continue to raise the bar for broadcast and live events, and listen to community feedback around the fun, memes, and personality that we all want to see reflected in the LCS.” She also wrote about incorporating diversity and innovation into her strategy.

“I am encouraged by CEO Nicolo Laurent’s 5 year vision for Riot Games, and with Esports now as one of our three pillars along with Games and Entertainment,” Felling wrote. “I know the company’s commitment and investment in competition and experiences is stronger than ever.”

Felling won’t be the only new commissioner in the professional League of Legends space, as the League of Legends European Championship will need to replace Maximillian Peter Schmidt, who is moving to a new role.

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