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2022 did not start out great for the Turkish League of Legends scene. After the closing of Riot’s esports arena in Istanbul, many fans lost hope – this wasn’t losing hope of winning, this was losing hope of the chance to compete. But against all adversities, the league marched on with the fans who were still there, albeit heartbroken. Since then, TCL’s numbers improved day by day as fans came back and the league showed improvement in competition. The two teams who spearheaded that competition, Istanbul Wildcats and Galatasaray Esports will now face each other in the final of the 2022 TCL Winter Split.

Before we talk more about the final of TCL Winter Split, let’s talk about how IW and GS fared on their way to the finals, starting with Galatasaray. Whilst they had a 3-3 start to the league, they improved, just like the league itself, and went on to have a 6-match winning streak, until they lost against Wildcats. They dropped a match against Dark Passage, their first opponent in the playoffs, but still showed enough strength to give their fans hope of lifting the trophy back-to-back for the lions in red. However, their hope is limited, as Galatasaray has to prove their worth against Wildcats, to whom they lost 0-2 during the regular split.

Wildcats took the reins of the league in their hands in Week 3 and never let go after that. With their 12-match winning streak, they dominated the Winter Split like mini-T1. Against Team Aurora in their first Bo3 in this split, they played on a different dimension and closed the series in a clean 3-0, striking fear into the hopes of Galatasaray fans.

Now, in five days, these two teams with impressive achievements in 2022 will battle it out in the Rift for the trophy and the MSI ticket. You can watch the match by clicking this link at April 9, 7 a.m.

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