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In a strange turn of events, Infinity Ward seems to be hinting at a future Easter egg in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. During this weekend’s 2v2 Gunfight open alpha, players were surprised to find something peculiar floating around on the map Docks. In the sewer below one of the spawn points, you can clearly see a red balloon at the start of every round. Sources indicate this could be hinting at Pennywise from It coming to the game.

Pennywise coming to Modern Warfare multiplayer?

Originally a novel by Stephen King, It is a movie about a killer clown who terrorizes a neighborhood from the sewers. A red balloon is how Pennywise the clown makes his presence known.

So naturally, when players discovered a red balloon in a sewer on Docks, everyone assumed Pennywise is involved. Appearing at the start of each Gunfight round, the balloon can be found in the sewer nearest the street on the map Docks.

Modern Warfare IT
A screenshot of the red balloon in the sewers of Modern Warfare‘s Gunfight map Docks

The balloon appears in a different spot with each round. You are able to pop it, but nothing happens if you do. Right now, this is a harmless blown-up piece of rubber that could be hinting at a bigger Easter egg.

Although, according to leaker TheGamingRevolution, this is a definite nod to Pennywise and It. Along with this, TGR’s sources say that there is another map in the actual multiplayer with a red balloon. Also lying in a sewer, this map won’t be available in the open beta on Sept. 12. You can check out his full video on the situation below. He additionally speculates on Twitter that perhaps Pennywise could show up on the night versions of the Gunfight maps.

What does the future hold for this Easter egg?

In our opinion, it seems like a big leap for Infinity Ward to include Pennywise in the actual multiplayer. However, perhaps the red balloon on the other multiplayer map will trigger something when popped. Maybe, in the distance, after the balloon pops, we see a clown hanging from the balloon drifting off into the distance.

Pennywise Modern Warfare
Pennywise is known for flying through the air with a fleet of red balloons above him.

Infinity Ward has made no comment on this Easter egg. They could remain tight-lipped until the launch of Modern Warfare on Oct. 25, but then again, It Chapter Two releases in theaters on Sept. 9.

What do you think this Easter egg could be? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare coverage.