Is COD Mobile shutting down?
COD Mobile shutting down
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Is COD Mobile shutting down?

One of the biggest mobile games has been subject to some rumors

COD Mobile is one of the most successful mobile titles ever released onto any app store. It has seen over 700 million downloads since releasing in 2019 and is currently in yet another cycle of seasonal content.

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Unlike many other multiplayer games on the market, COD Mobile releases a new season — with all fresh content — every month or so. This has led to a dedicated player base and a wide assortment of content from older Call of Duty titles as well as completely new content.

However, some rumors are stating this might all come crumbling down thanks to a report that COD Mobile could be shutting down.

COD Mobile shutting down

The rumor began with a document submitted by Microsoft to the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets and Authority government body.

In the document, Microsoft states that COD Mobile will eventually be “phased out” in favor of Warzone Mobile. Microsoft submitted this document as a part of its current effort to purchase Activision Blizzard, which owns and operates COD Mobile. The document was a response to concerns from the UK government over Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision.


Naturally, COD Mobile players were shocked to see that the possible future owner of COD Mobile is saying the game could eventually be shut down entirely in exchange for a currently unreleased game (Warzone Mobile). While Warzone Mobile will likely be a hugely popular game, COD Mobile is one of the best-established games in its respective market. Shutting it down instead of letting COD Mobile and Warzone Mobile coexist seems like a strange choice.

Fortunately for COD Mobile players, the official Twitter account for the game released a statement shortly after this document surfaced. In it, the developers stated that the game was not going anywhere and would continue to be supported.

It appears that Microsoft either made a mistake in the language of the response or the drafters of the response were misinformed. Either way, it appears that COD Mobile will be around for a long time, regardless of if Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard or not. So, to answer the question, as of right now, COD Mobile has no plans of shutting down.

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