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Just days after Raven Software released a patch to fix the invisible Operator skin glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, the glitch is back. This has been popping up all over social media and deals with a completely new Operator than before. Previously, it was the Tier 100 “Awoken” skin for Francis that was turning invisible past 32 meters. Now, it’s the Wraith Operator skin, which was released roughly nine months ago, which is turning invisible on Caldera.

It’s unclear whether this new invisible Operator glitch is a direct effect of the patch Raven released last week. However, players haven’t reported the Wraith Operator becoming transparent until now.

New invisible skin glitch pops up in Warzone Pacific

A redditor was the first to capture the new invisible Operator in Warzone Pacific. As the player in the clip is looking around, they notice that an enemy is running by them while only their head and weapon appear to be shown.

Another invisible skin? Happened last night, not sure if it’s just on my end or what.
byu/andrewkbmx inCODWarzone

To make matters more troubling, this enemy was fairly close to the player. With the previous invisible skin glitch, enemies had to be around 32 meters away from a player to become invisible. Now, it seems like that distance has been closed with the new bug. It’s unclear how far away the enemy was to the player in the clip but it looks to be around 10-15 meters.

It’s also concerning that more players are likely to own the Wraith Operator skin compared to the Awoken Francis skin. The Wraith skin was a part of the Season 3 Battle Pass last year, while the Francis skin has only been available for one month. If the glitch is here to stay, Warzone Pacific could see an even larger influx of invisible Operators than before.

Raven Software has yet to comment on the Reddit clip. However, if it is an actual glitch and not a one-off case, players should see it added to the Warzone Trello board soon.

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