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Davis “Ceice” McClellan is a professional player for 100 Thieves. Ceice competes in Fortnite, more specifically the World Cup. He qualified in the solo competition in Week 1 and then qualified with Hayden “Elevate” Krueger in Week 6. The duo finished in the top 25 teams in every other week. As a team, they are one of the favorites to win the World Cup Finals. Additionally, he holds the skill and awareness to win the solo competition.

Ceice was kind enough to share his experience and knowledge with Daily Esports in an interview. Take a look and learn more about one of the top Fortnite players in the world.

Becoming World Cup ready

Ceice has truly earned his opportunity to play in the World Cup Final. He put in the work to become a top Fortnite player. But before Fortnite, Ceice began gaming on his PS2 many years ago. He enjoyed playing Guitar Hero 2 and rocked out for many hours.

Eventually, he moved to games likes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and H1Z1. These two games helped prepare Ceice to become a World Cup qualifier. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gave him the first look at competitive gaming. Then, H1Z1 provided knowledge and strategy of Battle Royale games. Together with many hours of practice, Ceice now sits as one of a few players to double qualify.

Taylor: Did you have aspirations to be a pro gamer? When and what caused you to become a pro gamer?

Ceice: I knew that playing video games was a hobby of mine for a long time. I knew I had the potential to become a pro gamer when I started playing CS:GO. The competitive drive from playing that game grew on me when I went to other games, and later to H1Z1. After putting thousands of hours into H1Z1, when Fortnite came around I knew it was the perfect chance for me to compete again.

T: When did you start playing Fortnite?

C: I started playing Fortnite in December of 2017.

T: What made you want to compete?

C: I feel like everything I did before competing was perfect. I got involved really early on and used a lot of what I learned in the past playing H1Z1 to carry me through early stages of Fortnite competitive.

T: What does your training entail?

C: Practicing consists of 5+ hours of scrims daily, daily VOD review, and watching other talented players. Since Fortnite is an ever-evolving game, it is important to always be trying to adapt and learn more to be one step ahead. Playing creative is important for solos. Also, getting really good at box fighting and build fighting can be extremely useful. With me qualifying for the World Cup Finals in Solos, I have been prioritizing creative to improve my mechanics.

T: What do you look for when watching other players and your own VODs?

C: I look at their game sense. The way they react to situations. When they rotate, how they rotate, and how they punish players.

T: How did you meet your duo partner Elevate?

C: I met my duo partner about two months before TwitchCon. He was in need of a teammate, and so was I. I had watched him play with Zayt. His calling was what I needed to help guide and learn more about playing late-game and winning.

T: How long did it take you two to mesh together? What makes you two play so well together?

C: It took us about four months to really start playing well. From TwitchCon to WSOE, it was definitely a rough period of time. Sticking through it was definitely worth it and shows.

T: Are you excited about the World Cup?

C: I am very excited for the World Cup; competing in a tournament of a lifetime like this is something I’ve always dreamed of.

T: What was the first thing you did after you qualified for the World Cup Final in Week 1? Did you think you would qualify for both solos and duos?

C: After I qualified for the World Cup in Week 1, we went out for a nice dinner with the whole team. I knew that I would qualify for both solos and duos. I had been super consistent in the past with qualifiers online and on LANs, so I had no doubt that within the next 10 weeks we would make it.

T: What has been your favorite Fortnite experience so far?

C: My experience with Fortnite has been life-changing, giving me endless amounts of opportunities to show people what the life of a pro gamer is. That’s something that I feel there isn’t enough of. Gaming in the next few years is going to be a something respected internationally and I am ready to be a part of the journey.

T: What would you say to players looking to improve?

C: To players trying to improve, I would say put in the time. Watch other talented players and try to mimic what they do to dominate. Play the game a bunch — you cannot expect to win when you don’t put much work into it. Also, find proper practice. I suggest playing Atlantis scrims, then working your way up to pro Discord to get better practice. It will help you improve the fastest.

T: Is there anything else you want the gaming/esports world to know about Ceice?

C: I want people to know that if you put the time into anything, you will be successful. Everything happens for a reason, timing is everything.


More than a gamer

The responses Ceice gave say a lot about his character. He is a man of hard work and determination. At the end of the day, the only thing a person controls is the effort he/she gives. Ceice leaves everything out there. He makes sure to do what he can before competitions, and his diligent efforts pay off. He looks to break the stereotype of a lazy gamer and show the world exactly what gamers are made of.

Ceice stands out through his gameplay, which can be found on his Twitch channel. He is not a name involved in controversies or drama, but rather someone who simply allows his play to speak for him. Even though he is not the most well-known player, he is respected throughout the community. Daily Esports thanks Ceice for giving us time to learn more about the man behind the computer. He is a great gamer and representative of the community.

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[This interview was edited for clarity.]

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