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Earlier today, Infinity Ward made their Call of Duty: Modern Warfare presentation at E3. While most of the showing was Campaign information, they also released small details about Multiplayer at the end.

Infinity Ward has made it clear that they are holding off on revealing Multiplayer gameplay. Though the game is playable at E3 behind closed doors, Multiplayer is still at least a month away from being made public.

However, even with all of the secrecy, Infinity Ward decided to release some screenshots and extra details. Here’s everything the developers showed off E3 concerning Multiplayer.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer screenshots

Even though Infinity Ward only revealed a couple of screenshots, there’s a lot of information we can take in.

Modern Warfare
The first screenshot of Modern Warfare Multiplayer
Modern Warfare
The second screenshot of Modern Warfare Multiplayer

As you can see from the images above, classic Call of Duty is back. In the first screenshot, we can clearly see a Juggernaut Suit in use. In the last Modern Warfare game, MW3, the Juggernaut Suit was both a killstreak in Multiplayer and Spec Ops. It appears it’s back in at least Multiplayer, but fans should expect Spec Ops to have a Jugg Suit as well.

In the second screenshot, a classic Ghillie Suit is front and center along with a high-powered Sniper Rifle. This looks to simply be a Sniper character proning with a Sniper. However, the graphics in both this image and the Juggernaut Suit image look incredible.

New Operator details revealed?

Along with the two screenshots, a new, unknown image was released.

A possible look at Operator logos or Prestige Emblems

From previous reveals, we already know there will be Operators in Multiplayer. These Operators will act as a cosmetic-only character customization option. For example, the ghillie suit character in the screenshot above could possibly be a Sniper Operator.

From what we already know, this new screenshot could be a couple of things. That said, since information about Operators was already released, these symbols are likely the logos for each Operator class. They could also perhaps be Prestige Emblems; however, it is worth noting that no developer has ever revealed emblems this early on.

Regardless, we simply don’t know much about anything concerning Modern Warfare Multiplayer at this point. Hopefully, Activision and Infinity Ward will keep feeding us small details here and there until the major reveal.

What do you think about the new information? Let us know in the comments below! Keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare news and updates.