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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 begins this Wednesday, August 5, as expected. A larger than usual update should arrive early Wednesday morning which will contain Season 5 and a plethora of new content. Thanks to teasers and leaks, we already know some of that content. However, these are mainly large pieces of content, such as weapons, Warzone map changes, etc. What’s more unknown are the little pieces of the Modern Warfare update. Although, we may have gotten a hint from Infinity Ward about a little but much-anticipated, feature: weapon inspect animations.

Modern Warfare to receive weapon inspects in Season 5?

The teaser about weapon inspect animations wasn’t anything planned like other Season 5 hints. Instead, it simply came from a tweet sent by Joe Cecot, Infinity Ward’s design director who currently works on Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Cecot was responding to a fan on Twitter who was boasting about their completed Season 4 Officer Challenges. In his tweet, it’s pretty apparent what the Infinity Ward employee is trying to hint at.


By saying “I love to inspect those weapon challenges”, Cecot is essentially confirming the arrival of weapon inspect animations. A staple of previous Call of Duty titles, Modern Warfare didn’t launch with the feature for an unknown reason. However, better late than never, as Season 5 should introduce the long-awaited feature.

Although, some fans might call this little too late. With the next entry in the franchise set to launch within the coming months, Modern Warfare will be an afterthought very shortly. So, while players will enjoy the weapon inspects for the time being, they won’t get to enjoy it for very long. Hopefully, Treyarch, the developers for 2020’s title, will implement expected features at launch or in a timely manner afterward.

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