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If this situation doesn’t wrap up the 2020 Call of Duty League season with a nice bow, then nothing does. In yesterday’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update, developer Infinity Ward implemented a phantom change to the MP5 submachine gun. If you don’t follow competitive Call of Duty, the MP5 is essentially the only SMG used in the CDL. Also, COD Champs, the biggest event of the year, is this weekend. So basically Infinity Ward made a huge change to the core meta of the game days before this event, and it won’t revert the change.

Infinity Ward drastically alters the Modern Warfare MP5

Thankfully, the developers didn’t make any huge changes to the statistics of the MP5. However, what they did do is make a big change to one of the best attachments on the weapon. The FTAC Collapsible Stock, an attachment most professional players use, had its iron sights zoomed-in dramatically. For reference, check out this tweet comparing the Stock before and after the update.

As you can clearly see, the MP5 is zoomed-in way more on the right image, which was taken after yesterday’s update. While it might not seem like a big deal to an average player, this is something that was immediately noticed by pros. After all, they’ve used this exact weapon loadout for eight hours a day since February.

It was rumored that Infinity Ward and the CDL were asking the four COD Champs teams if they wanted the change reverted. However, despite all four teams wanting a revert, it appears one will not be coming before Champs.

This is a major blow to the current CDL meta. Submachine gun players, like Seth “Scump” Abner, will now need to familiarize themselves with another MP5 loadout four days out from the biggest event in Call of Duty history. You can tune into the event on Saturday, August 28 at 1 pm ET.

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