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One of the most troubling exploits in Call of Duty: Warzone has reared its ugly head once again. Over the past few days, video clips have showcased players using the “Stim glitch” even after the developers supposedly patched it out of the game.

Virtually any player that’s spent time in Warzone over the last several months has seen the Stim glitch in action. The exploit simply involves players finding ways to use the self-healing piece of equipment while in the gas. This way, they don’t die and can win any game by sitting in a corner and repeatedly jabbing themselves with a Stim.

Activision and the various developers of Warzone have attempted to patch this glitch four times before. However, each time they do so, a new way to exploit the Stim becomes known and the process repeats itself. This time though, it appears hackers might be the only players able to use the infamous glitch.

Warzone sees the return of the Stim glitch

Amid the countless issues with Warzone, the Stim glitch might just be number two on the list. Cheaters, of course, are the undisputed first on the list, as that problem has been in place since the game’s launch in March of last year.

Although, it appears that those two issues might have crossed over with each other. New clips showing Stim glitch use seem to only feature players who are cheating in some fashion.

Found out the stim glitch is back by spectating a hacker… from CODWarzone

As you can see from the above Reddit video, the hacker in question is able to stay in the gas and continually use the Stim. However, they also do something strange with a grenade and the Night Vision goggles. The goggles are only supposed to be usable in the Campaign. It’s unconfirmed if all of this is related to performing the exploit.

At the time of writing, there doesn’t appear to be an instance of someone using the Stim glitch who isn’t also hacking. This means that Raven Software’s recent patch may have worked in that regard, but cheaters have still found a way around it.

Call of Duty: Warzone stim glitch
Night Vision goggles could be a key element in performing the new Stim glitch. Image via Activision

It seems that Raven once again has some work to do on this front. Hopefully, they introduce a patch of some kind quickly before this problem becomes too rampant and fix it — for good this time.

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