Incredible Call of Duty: Black Ops trickshot sets social media ablaze
Black Ops Summit Trickshot
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Incredible Call of Duty: Black Ops trickshot sets social media ablaze

Black Ops is still delivering jaw-dropping moments

Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the most well-received games in the entire franchise. Released in 2010, the original game in the Black Ops series is still thought of fondly today by those in the community that got the chance to play it during its heyday. This 1970s shooter delivered some of the most iconic maps, weapons, scorestreaks and other items the Call of Duty franchise has ever seen. It’s for all of these reasons that the game is still popular today. In fact, it’s so popular that fans are still pulling off incredible trickshots in-game. One such trickshot went viral on social media over the weekend after FaZe Clan member Blaze tweeted a video of it.

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While trickshots aren’t nearly as popular today as they were when Black Ops was first released, they’re still amazing to see nonetheless. In the clip that FaZe Blaze tweeted out, a group of players are playing on the map Summit, which has been remade several times since Black Ops was released. The video shows two players setting up the trickshot, which involves planting the bomb in Search and Destroy at a specific location and setting up two Tactical Cameras.

Once one player plants the bomb and lays down their Tactical Camera, the other player lays down their camera in another precise spot on the map. Then, one player goes to the other side of the map and fires an explosive from a Grenade Launcher (used on an assault rifle) off of some stairs. This explosive grenade then somehow travels the length of the map, through roofs and windows, and hits off both of the cameras that were previously set up to kill an enemy trying to defuse the bomb. What makes the shot even more amazing is that the explosive grenade actually direct-impact kills the enemy.

The shot is so unbelievable that many fans in the comments of the tweet don’t think it actually happened. However, the Theater view of the trickshot proves that the shot was indeed done in some capacity. It’s unclear exactly when this trickshot took place but FaZe Blaze seems to imply that it happened fairly recently.

These types of trickshots aren’t too common in today’s age. Call of Duty games simply had more equipment and tools to pull off more difficult shots. However, we do know that the Tactical Camera will be returning in the upcoming Modern Warfare II. So perhaps some fans can use the Black Ops trickshot clip as inspiration for a similar shot when MWII comes out in October.

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