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Following the wild Zyra pick in the League of Legends Championship Series 2022 spring losers finals, Evil Geniuses brought out an unbelievable pick of their own in the grand finals against 100 Thieves on Sunday. Staring down a one game disadvantage heading into Game 2, EG decided to bring out a spicy counter pick against the ever-so oppressive Ornn. With the very last pick in the Game 2 draft, Jeong “Impact” Eon-young locked in Mordekaiser in an attempt to shut Ornn down.

The attempt was successful as Mordekaiser was able to shut down Ornn in the laning phase while also being an absolute menace around the map. EG had a near 10,000 gold lead at the 20 minute mark. EG destroyed 100 in a 23-minute victory. The game was not even remotely close.

History of Mordekaiser in pro play

Mordekaiser has not been a meta pick in years. In Season 12, he has only been picked in the top lane 14 times across all levels of pro play. None of those games happened in the LCS. In major regions, Mordekaiser has only been picked three times, with mixed results. The last time he was picked was in the League of legends European Championship spring playoffs in March. That game ended in a loss when Finn “Finn” Wiestå and Excel Esports couldn’t pull out the win against Team Vitality. The other two times he was picked was when LGD Gaming’s Chen “fearness” Guo-Ji brought it out twice in their series against the top-seeded Victory 5. Mordekaiser went 1-1 in those two games.

As for the history of this champion in pro play, the last time Mordekaiser was a meta pick was back in Season 10. Mordekaiser in Season 10 was picked a whopping 728 times across all levels of pro play. He had a 48.6% win rate in Season 10. According to Gol.gg, the second-best Mordekaiser player in Season 10 was actually Impact himself. In fact, In Season 10, Mordekaiser was Impact’s second most played champion with 14 games, only behind Ornn with 16. Impact had an above 60% win rate on the champion in Season 10.