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For the first time ever, Valve has introduced a brand new system of the Pick’Em Challenge and Souvenir drops at the IEM Katowice Major in CS:GO. To add to this, Pick’Em Challenge participants now get higher quality coins instead of the former trophies. Souvenirs don’t drop randomly from streams anymore as pickers now have to work towards getting their drops (maximum of three) by doing a series of challenges, including watching streams and making the correct picks. This posed a problem for fans attending the actual live event in Spodek in Katowice as they won’t be watching a stream, making them miss out on fulfilling some of the challenges. However, ESL has answered our concerns with a nifty system.

ESL has revealed an “ESL Event” app that is available to download on Android as well as iOS devices. The app enables you to check in at the event by first signing in through your Steam account. Then, with enabled location and data services, the app should detect that you are at the event if you’re close to Spodek Arena of course. This will get rid of the ridiculous need of launching a stream on Twitch while you’re watching the event live in Katowice.

Apart from that, the app offers some other features that are handy for fans attending IEM Katowice. The ESL Event application has a treasure trove full of information. For starters, all the teams with their respective players can be perused at one’s will. Moreover, the schedule with detailed dates and times are given to make sure you don’t miss or are late for any of the matches.


The app definitely will make life easier, especially due to the detailed event schedules at your reach within seconds. Have a look at the official announcement.

Make sure to get the app and sign in to not miss out on those sweet, sweet Souvenir Packages if you’re playing the Pick’Em Challenge this year! For more news on IEM Katowice and other events and esports, make sure to follow us at Daily Esports.

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