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Electronic Sports League (ESL) announced the organization is taking precautionary measures by screening event guests amid the coronavirus outbreak. IEM Katowice takes place in Poland, a region yet to have a confirmed case of the virus. Despite no confirmed cases, events like IEM attract visitors from all around the world. The event is open to the general public, taking place at Spodek Arena. That said, it’s essential to mitigate infection risks and ensure the safety of all guests.

The coronaviruses are a group of viruses commonly affecting mammals and birds. The virus is airborne and highly contagious. What makes it more dangerous is that the symptoms start relatively mild and are similar to those of the flu. However, if gone untreated the virus can develop further complications and result in death. The coronavirus has spread to at least 42 countries and infected over 80,000 people, killing over 3,000. ESL officials stated they’ve “worked closely with the local government and health authorities to add additional precautions for everyone attending.”

Taking extra precautions at IEM Katowice

According to IEM, health screenings are mandatory. All guests entering the event area between Friday, Feb. 28 and Sunday, March 1 are subject to temperature checks. Attendees with high temperatures may not be allowed to enter the facility. Besides the temperature checks, guests may be subject to interviews at a checkpoint before entering the site.

“The health of players, fans, and our crew working on-site is always our top priority,” said IEM Katowice officials.

Throughout the weekend tournament, ESL intends to provide additional onsite medical staff, sanitation stations, and first aid patrol. Furthermore, medical professionals will educate guests on proper hygiene procedures. Additionally, ESL staff verified travel routes and itineraries for players, press, and special guests to identify high-risk travelers. These people must hold a “valid health certificate” or “attend additional health screenings.”

IEM Katowice’s live stage tournament takes place this weekend, Feb. 28 through March 1.